Units inside agra fort

hi. I like india. and sepoys and urumi. I think you should be able to hide your units in agra fort like inca hides in their buildings. agra fort is really expensive building (800f!!!) so you get some extra advantages. i think hiding urumis in buildings would be a nice thing and add extra spice to the civ !

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800 food for a fort in age 2 really isn’t that much.

From Age II? That sounds OP. Perhaps after all upgrades have been bought, but even then I am unsure if it is needed.

The Indian wonder that needs buffs is the Karni Mata, u pay 800f minimun for something that other civs get for free at age I

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What is that?

Economic theory card ! that too is of 10 percent , while karni mata is only 5 percent
and its not corrected yet , to be applied on upgraded rates, as previously in legacy. the 5 percent is applied on base rate in a small area only.

Meanwhile for agra fort, it can use a minor HP/Attac upgrade or a new improvement to make it better than an outpost at least

We’ve been through this. The Agra fort is intended to be weak in age 2. Later on you can upgrade it.

the later upgrades are absolute trash :slight_smile: age2 is fine

Other civs don’t get that for free. They have to send a card. And its a very late game card.

karni mata

  • can be destroyed
  • its aura applies in a small area
  • gives only 5 percent on base rates

It needs to be restored to legacy version as intended, thats it

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yeah, this should be fixed.

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Its a 10% like economic theory, but you have to be in age2 minimum.
@BonnyMountain91 Its a card, ok but boost every villager on the map and its available at age 1. Also India is one of the most card-dependant civs and their shipments cost more XP, that point is not comparable.

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8 percent more right ? I couldnt find a concrete proof of the XP penalty on India

It is there since TAD times. To prevent India from totally dominating everything.

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Eco theory is a late game card anyway. You would most likely be sending it when you don’t have any more unit shipments to send in age4. And India’s eco holds up till that time even without Karni wonder. Sure, very late game india’s eco falls off, but that is treaty territory and should be buffed only by age5 upgrades etc.

I still think that hiding units on a fort is kinda broken. India marks the pace of the game as they control the map from the begginning so it would actually be broken if they could hide units on agra.


You pay 800 for Agra, get old and 2 sepoys lol, The European fort is more expensive and that they lowered the price in the definitive edition. The truth is to hide units, I think it would be anti competitive, no one would like to deal with it, at least the Incas have to send it to them with a letter in third and it is part of the magic of the natives, the Asians already have theirs with their wonders and consulate.

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Units inside the Agra is just a bad idea, the Agra is already the best of the Indian wonders because it provides map control throughout the early stages of the game, and gives you 2 sepoys. In the late stages of the game thier power starts to wear off but that’s when the rest of the Indian bonuses kick in like mansabars and mass ghurka.

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Eco theory is better anyway being an age1 card. In supremacy most games start with agra, building Karny in later ages for a worse bonus than an age 1 card.

About treaty Indian economy is not great, they havent got most eco cards (specially coin ones). I thought this was in this way cause they have Karni Mata but its not worth it if u compared them.

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Hiding inside the fort seems out of balance , but buffing the fort in age 3 onwards seems necessary,especially when it has upgrades in every age that increases negligible HP and damage.

Also its not always about the 1v1 Spremacy (the least played mode)
People should think keeping team games in mind too.

So true