Units on the walls


I wonder how the units will get to the walls?
Didn’t I see the stairs anywhere?
Or will they get to the wall through the gate?

Thank you

Good question. Maybe you need to build or designate special battlements - like the ones in the trailer - allowing units to access the ramparts:


Thank you great it looks nice.

I am in love with this new feature, this is a MAJOR game changer!

Siege battles are gonna be awesome if this new feature is well implemented.
As I said in another post, I would also love if they give us the possibility of building towers and catapults above the walls like in LoTR: Battle for Middle Earth and LoTR: Battle for Middle Earth 2.


You’ll be able to build cannons on the walls. These will have a set angle of fire.

Also worth noting that all infantry will be able to access the ramparts, not just archers. But so can your opponents, using mobile siege towers for example.


That"s awesome!
Dude, I swear I’ve never been so excited for a game since StarCraft 2.

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it is a major feature especially for a middle ages games to be able to defend on the walls.
Looking forward to new gameplay video

This will be a wonderful feature. Finally, we can actually have real sieges. Having to keep control of the ramparts so you archers have an advantage