Units regroupng before patrolling/moving

So generally we use patrol into an enemy to get our guys to fight, but it’s really painful when the frontline fighters regroup and actually walk away from the enemy when giving a new patrol command.

I really wish there was a “horde” formation, where units would just travel how they each individually need to to get to the target/point etc instead of making one big column… makes for some really frustrating gameplay sometimes… i know this clumping issue has been raised, but until its addressed ill keep bringing it back up…

This on top of the bad pathfinding,pausing,not engaging from patrol makes melee combat very frustrating at times and imo elevates the ranged unit capibilites over melee… And the slower the melee the more these issues compound (eg infantry are exponentially weaker than cavalry due to all these issues)


Hi, is the attack move any difference regarding this?