Units run away, it is impossible to play normally, when will fix this very serious error?

Units run away, it is impossible to play normally, when will fix this very serious error ???
At the same time, when they run away, they very often go straight to the enemy to death.
And this is not just a mistake, this is a very, very, serious mistake, this error spoils the entire gameplay, when the units do not stand still, and begin to run to no one knows where.

(RUS) юниты разбегаются, невозможно играть нормально, когда исправят эту очень серьёзную ошибку ???
При этом когда они разбегаются, они очень часто идут прямо к врагу на смерть.
И это не просто ошибка, это очень, очень, серьёзная ошибка, эта ошибка портит весь игровой процесс, когда юниты не стоят на месте, и начинают бегать непонятно куда.

If you want your units to be safe, you’ll have to manually control them. If you don’t want them to move, you could use Hold Position stance (if I recall correctly), and they won’t move from their current position. Also, you could select passive/no attack stance to prevent units from automatically attacking enemies.

Don’t expect the game to do the fine work for you, because it won’t. These are strategy games, not automated sequences to observe.

you give advice, as if you didn’t really play AoE2 DE, I’m a veteran of AoE, and I know what I’m talking about, they run away in a defensive position, this didn’t happen before, before you put units, so they stood, and now it’s just unbearable to play, very much interferes with the game, this crazy behavior of units.

Please show video about this issue to illustrate it

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realized that I need to record a few games and cut a video to show them
sorry if that, I write in English with a translator

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Okay. Sorry if I sounded aggressive or something.

What I meant was that, as players, we should micro manage our units, even when the AI is, to certain degree, programmed to work as intended.

If you indeed say this is a new behavior (meaning that it didn’t happen before), attachments would be nice. That is, footage or clips, as you well said. I’m curious to see what you can get recorded.