Units that need to speak a different language?

Since DE Swedes the rule of “regular units should all speak their civ’s language” has been broken. But there still remain some units that need to have a different language voice lines than their civ:

Steppe rider and keshik (and Mongol scout): Mongolian
Fulani archer: Fulani
War wagon: maybe Czech/Bohemian? (it is the least “German” unit)
Russian horse archer: maybe they should speak Tatar? They look more like steppe Tatar people than Russian or cossack.
A lot of Indian units/natives/mercs: I am not listing all of them exhaustively but many should not speak modern Hindi, such as urumi or Maratha outlaws.

Also the huge amount of German mercenaries/natives could have some variant dialects. The same German lines are very overused.

Edit: most of the Balkan/southern European mercenaries and natives all speak Croatian. Maybe that could have a few varieties as well.


I find it interesting that maltese units all seach different languages.

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Apparently there were Cossack horse archers.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the Russian Imperial Army deployed Cossack, Bashkir, and Kalmyk horse archers against Napoleon’s forces. Baron de Marbot writes that on the eve of the Battle of Leipzig, his forces encountered mounted archers

Seems like Bashkir would be the best language for them though.

If the in-game Russian horse archer represents cossacks they would look more “cossack” but I feel the model looks more like a Tatar or other Central Asian nomads (though it is shared with the Turks).
But we also have shared units with different upgraded models now (US hussar) so it could be updated further.

Edit: “Turkic” might be more accurate than Tatar. So Bashkirs would also fit (also for the actual “Bashkir” unit).

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It would be nice to have, but the cost may be prohibitive. They would have to find someone that speaks a minority language in a country that’s under economic sanctions. That’s probably too much to ask.

Or they could simply reuse one of AOE2’s Turkic unit lines like the Tengri native.

Their upgrade is also literally called Tatar-Loyalist