Units that only attack when the target is stationary

Units such as falconets or cannons in general seem to wait for the “right” moment, while gatling units shoot at everything in their range, even if it moves very fast.

Falconents, for example, have a cadence of 4 seconds, but when the enemy moves, even if it is within the attack range, it seems to slow down. Something similar happens with ships. Is this deliberate or is it a mistake?

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Hello @OperaticShip743, this is only observed to happen with heavier units that have a slow turn rate. I could reproduce this with the Heavy Cannon, but the Falconet and Galleon fired at units at their intended rates. What units were you testing this with? Can you provide a recording of this happening? Thanks! :+1:

I’ll do some evidence and then I’ll present it. I think this happens more than anything with the great bombardments and the Sebastopol cannon. Even if the target is not moving fast.

It is somewhat similar to how the grenadier would cancel throwing the grenade if the target died just before throwing it, like before the ‘DE’. Thanks.