Units turning white


I just played a game against Rus (myself being England). In the late game, while attacking, about 50% of my units turned white and I couldn‘t command them any longer. They just stood around. Anybody has ever experienced that?

What’s your ID while I check the playback

Thank you! Toastbrot

I watched the replay. The enemy player tried to convert your army with a monk and you killed him right at the same time the conversion was taking place. This causes a weird issue where your army will then become neutral rather than being converted to the enemy team.

The devs said they are looking into it here: Conversion resulted in neutral units

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I’ve seen this on stream before as well. I mean, it’s better than them being converted right?
When they’re neutral, the first monk to wololo them again will win them to their side too btw.

Thanks for looking so quickly into this!