I have to write one thing that I haven’t liked yet.

All the soldiers are almost the same. And in the large number of soldiers you can’t tell the difference.
They are not well distinguishable from each other.

Horses, swordsman, archer, pikeman, hero and more.

You need to fix this.

AGE of EMPIRES 2: It was immediately possible to know the difference of the unit who is who.

An awful lot of people complain about it.

Thank you. GL.


Im sure they will remodel everything again before releasing.


you are literally comparing your readability of units to game you have been playing for 20 years to units of game you have never played and just met them recently


Well I think it’s part of the game learning which units they are.

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At first, when AoE 2 DE was in beta people said units were difficult to read. Now no one has problems because they got used to them. The same is happening now with AoE IV.

Well, units appearance changed a lot, that’s why

Each civilization will have different units and models. How is this so hard to grasp? If you can’t tell the difference between a pikeman and a crossbowman, that’s on you.

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