Unlimited map ban + Prefer random map option

Currently you can pick your Civ, but if both players tick the Prefer random civ option, you end up with a random civ, and everyone is happy with it. That solution is great.

Why not apply a similar approach to the map selection ?

You could choose the maps you want to ban so if you are more confident on Arabia you could only play Arabia. But you could tick a Prefer random map option, and if both players are willing to test their adaptability on a random map, they could. That solution would be great. + Solution to the ALT-F4 problem.


This idea is already discussed in this thread. No need for a seperate thread.

The consensus in said thread is to punish the players abusing ALT-F4. I’m trying to find a solution who can satisfy everyone.

The option of unlimited bans is also discussed in that thread as well. So you can already find the opinion of many users about that solution.

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