Unlimited Ottoman Nizams

I just did a 2 hour long match with the Ottomans, and making use of the Palace Intrigue, that transforms Janissary shipments from the home city into Nizams, combined with the 9 infinite Nizams from the 4th age, they literally give you infinite Nizams. I had over 95 Nizams, I sent the card like 8 times in a row and they alone steamrolled my Dutch enemies (who were on extreme AI).

THAT needs fixed, that is unlimited units.

Has anyone else found anything game breaking tonight?

Also, ahem obligatory complaint about the Chinese getting nothing new.

The update of Chinese civilization is estimated to wait until the Lunar New Year.


Nizams can be trained from barracks and nerfed to counter not all infatry, only heavy infatry. I think you dont get shipments everygame like that so you cant get so many nizams.

If you’re playing a long treaty game, you will TOTALLY get that many nizams. That’s what I did, a 1 hour treaty, and then an hour of gameplay, constantly maintaining control over the trade routes, making use of the new two mosques you can get, I had an insane XP gathering, I actually just camped out, repelled the Dutch for a while, just to build more XP to see if I could push the Nizam limit.

Also, I think they screwed up on it, the Nizam, in volley mode, now gets times 2 against heavy infantry, and then with counter infantry rifling, it gets times 2 against ALL infantry, so it appeared to do 4 times the damage to heavy infantry. I don’t know if that’s intended, but I obliterated every halberdier the Dutch used, that has to be an oversight, right? Like, they do only times 2 against skirmishers now (since you still get the all infantry tag with the upgrades) but you now get that times 2 and the times 2 against heavy infantry, that’s bananas.

My matches usually take about 1.5 to 2 hours, I like long, slow matches to unwind on, in a super fast paced, 20 minute match, the Nizam thing is no problem.


I assumed that but New Year is a long time from now, January 22nd. I mean Chinese New Year, not like, western New Year. Chunjie/Xin Nian, I mean. Almost switched to Chinese there but like, that would be odd, gotta remember to think in English. But I would love a Qing bannerman skin for the hero, complete with changshan, bianzi, even give him a Manchu accented voice, I’d be a happy Qing loyalist.

AI even extreme AI is kind of stupid though. A real player would adapt to facing nizams and not make heavy infantry which is now the only infantry they have bonus for.

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He is saying that have bonus vs every infantry after upgrade. Like gurkha bug from launching

This was possible well before the update - new order infantry always changed the janissary cards to send nizams. I dont think anything needs a change based on racking up 8 shipments in an AI game.

Correct, they’re bugged, they didn’t have their nerf put on, and instead it was a buff, so they do even MORE damage now. I think this is still true. I would love to play as the Ottomans but I have to do those challenges and they require specific civs…ugh lol.

No, the Infinite 8 Nizam card, costs 0 population. They were phantom units, they did not contribute towards population, nor have a cap, hence the 95 I got. That has since been corrected and NOW they have a unit cap of 15 (to my knowledge) so you can’t ever have more than 15. On the bright side, now that those original 15 can be retrained from the barracks, that means no need to waste a card, so I put it into more Sipahi.

But I think they still do like x4 against heavy infantry now, which I think is a glitch.