Unlimited Pauses

I played a 4v4 and the other team finally lost. Three out of four players called GG. One guy decided to hide his last villagers and make us chase him. He then made the chase even more difficult by continually pausing the game. He did this for the next half hour or so. He paused the game at least 100-150 times. I am not sure if this is a bug or a hack. The player is [RxS]Liendre MutanT

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Yes this bug exist for a long time that player can just press and hold F3 so that the game will be paused and cannot be unpaused.

It’s awful. A player can wear out another player by just wearing out their patience. It needs to be fixed. In theory, only 8 or 10 pauses are allowed


I wish unlimitted pauses was a tickbox option for custom lobbies. This is stupid though.


Thanks for your report! We are currently tracking this issue :slight_smile:

Our team could actually unpause but he would immediately pause it again. Sometimes he would forget to pause again for about 5 seconds so I don’t think he was doing what you are talking about. He had unlimited pauses.

Yes this is exactly what my case. This trick will keep pausing and unpasuing the game. You can unpause it but it will pause again. It looks that he has unlimited paused manually but indeed he just press down the F3.