Unofficial forum suggestion box

I recommend using this topic to comment on suggestions that can improve the forum in general.

I want to suggest the following changes.

  1. Each user should have the ability to delete their own posts without the need to self-report, I recommend putting this feature in Profile/Topics.


  1. Users should be able to create temporary themes that are deleted after a certain time, I recommend that the minimum time be one month and the maximum one year

  2. Users should be able to add a tag to bug reports that have not yet been resolved or responded to.

  3. Users should be able to delete private conversations no matter who sent them to us.

I think these are some ideas that could improve the forum, obviously this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Clarification, would never delete the best topic in the world, Capybara Civilization - Prototype.


A small proposal that I would like to add is that the tutorials on the page have images to facilitate learning.

For Example


Thanks for your feedback. I’m open to all suggestions players have on how to improve the forums, however I cannot promise all of them will happen. I will make note of any that are provided though.


Knowing that my suggestions will be taken into account is more than enough. :smile:

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Can you please request the recent censorship system be reverted? We can’t even mention these units without being censored.

It also deletes things in the original posts instead of just what is displayed. This causes words, images, and hyperlinks to be destroyed in the original posts, overwhelmingly when there is no offensive content in any of them.


I second M00Z1LLA Revert the censorship, whatever the recent change was it’s making it just hard to communicate and there’s no feedback area or bug suggestions on the forums themselves.


This censorship has also affected one of my posts as well where the word “Carcass” gets censored in the sentence that is right above the image that I have uploaded in my post, where I am suggesting about adding a cannonball to the game that is actually called the “Carcass” in reality: (Carcass Shot and Area Denial)

Strangely enough, none of the other sentences in my post that includes this word hasn’t been censored (or at least not yet so far).

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In doubt, too much colonial words.