Unpacking mongol stable causes game to crash

After the most recent update, if I make a stable while aging to fuedal as mongol, the game crashes when I unpack it. It crashes the entire lobby. This has happened my last 5 games, 2 times in a custom, 1 time in a skirmish, 2 times in a 2v2.


Same here, crashed the whole game everytime.

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I posted my own topic on this but have just seen you’ve posted it also. Facing this all the time right now, makes Mongols unplayable…

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Yes I do believe there is a crash associated with unpacking buildings, not just stable. I often get the crash while engaged in battle and moving my kurultai. In the past few weeks this has happened 8-10 times.

I actually am going to try out another civ while I hope for a fix. Thank you!

So much for that plan. Just played as Malian and crash again.

But there does seem to be a pattern of crashes around movement of buildings.

Exact bug with my mongol friend in a 2v2, please fix

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Just happened to me, please fix.