Unplayable Game, this is not Beta nor Alpha state

I lost so much time trying to start a multiplayer game.

The game will crash when,

  • opening CLAN menue
  • many times when trying to create a lobby
  • often when opening invitation, if creating a lobby was successfull
  • no invitation received on the other pcs
  • crashed when playing single player

I tried on three different pc, all with more or less the same issues.
All Windows 10 with actual update and AoE2DE from MS store.

I’m really disapointed, I have the feeling the closed beta was much more stable.


That’s not true though.

Yet, FE is working on the game and trying to solve any issues

didn’t have a single crash in closed beta though compared to current version. performance is much better in released version (best in december patch before hotfixes)


mine works all the time. the only problem’s i have had are when i use new modpacks.

Exactly. I had 40 FPS before the December Update

Now I get 100-120. That’s a huge update.

And whenever you decided to be disrespectful to FE, remember some companies call 30 FPS “pleasant”

Most people i know gad this problem but its always due tu ram, they say 8 is the recomended to play this game but as it isnt multicore 8 isnt enoguh. With 16 ive hardly ever crashed

Now I do crash with the new hotfix, never before

nothing to do with ram, started happening after hotfix, also mostly with age up. It cannot be coincidence that ram would make it crash at same point. Also as i already said didn’t have a single crash in beta, even when using UHD graphics with 8 GB ram

remember some companies call 30 FPS “pleasant”

in strategy game 30 fps isn’t that bad though compared to first person shooters or similar

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