This is a more in-depth explanation of my thread earlier.

This game was not ready for release. It has so many bugs that it is unplayable. To name a few:

  • The “censor chat” is much too sensitive. A player in a lobby earlier asked the host to kick a bot. I didn’t see a bot, so I typed, “bot?” in the chat. That was censored. There is no option to turn off censor chat. I am twenty-four years old. I can stomach words as naughty as “bot.”
  • I receive the error “you have been removed from the game because your map does not match the host,” even when the host selects “All Maps” in the lobby.
  • I just (attempted) to play a 3v3 game. Only five of the players displayed in the lobby although six did in fact load into the game itself.
  • I have 1 gbps internet. However, my latency flashes between red and green in-game. It seems this causes lag for other players. Not sure what could be wrong, but it surely isn’t on my end given the $105 per month I spend on internet.
  • I was unable to change my home city while waiting in several lobbies tonight.
  • Several gaps are missing in the game files–there are units with no voiceovers (particularly with the new civs) and some of the balance changes are just silly (instant petards available to Sweden; instant cav removed from France).
  • I still can’t add people to my friend’s list nor invite friends via Steam. Invitations sent via steam are not received by the other player.
  • The AI is weak, even on “extreme” difficulty. Curiously, I played a 1 v 7 game with extreme difficulty AIs and the Aztec AI tried to rush me with a (single) skull knight, then did nothing else for the rest of the game. He tried to siege my TC with the skull knight at approximately 3:30 game time.
  • I half-join lobbies sometimes. I can see chats other players in the lobby send, but can’t send any of my own. I cannot see the information for other players (civs, usernames), nor can I see my own information when I “load in”

I love Age of Empires 3, and hope these issues are remedied soon. I will return my purchase if some of these issues are not remedied within a month.


This right here. There are so many TECHNICAL bugs right now its not even funny. I think one of the beta builds i played was more stable than this one. When half the time theres someone DCing from the game, its infuriating. The list goes on but whats the point, this game shouldn’t have been released in its state. Theres no getting around that. End of discussion. It makes me worried for how small the player base is going to be in 6 months. Absolutely unacceptable.

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stable in the sense…? better performance on same specs?

To clarify, the wifi signal is for pc lag, like that of aoe2

Wait, that’s not showing the connexion issu?

I’m not sure about that. I encountered this problem on both my PC and laptop. My laptop has better specs than my PC, but both are able to run the game seamlessly.

Also worth noting is that this problem doesn’t occur in every game. If it were a hardware issue on my end, it would occur in every game.

Every map is different, snow maps are more lighter than grass maps because there was an additional effect added on grass (i guess it is affected by foliage setting). For example, in some grassy maps, try moving your cavs. You will see the path of the grass move like a unit really passed. I really don’t recall this being on the original game. I recall original only had sand/snow effects for footprints.

Check video, on cavs:

My friend, I think you intended for this to be made in another thread :slight_smile: