Unpopular opinion: Nerfs are okay

I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about their civ being too weak, or that the nerfs to a current top civ are too much, etc.

I am of the opinion that it is 100% okay for their to be weak, strong, bugged, well done, poorly executed, cheese, and every other type of play out there.

If you look at the most popular esport games, they are constantly changing, adjusting, and shifting power around their various characters, weapons, etc. Games, especially competitive ones, are living things, and living things are not perfect, will be abused, and will always change and adjust.

So French and English are the kings? Great. HRE and Abb are trash? Awesome. Over time things will change, your civ will suck one day, and a new annoying strat that drives low elo players away will be introduced by a pro in a Youtube VOD.

Relic is doing their best. It’s a brand new game, in a struggling genre trying to show it can tango woth the best, and I’m here for the ride