Unresponsive/Inconsistent UI behavior when attempting to interact with menus and screens (mouse and keyboard)

System info:

Build 83607, Steam, Windows 10

Issue experienced:

To interact with certain screens/menus require either an additional action or many, before being able to interact with the buttons/options available. These actions include moving the mouse, using one of its buttons, scrolling the mouse wheel, or pressing a key (from the keyboard). I mentioned the word “many” regarding actions needed since there are menus/pages that won’t react to the ESC key being pressed ONCE (functioning either as a “cancel” or “go back” command), but require other actions such as clicking a blank space on the screen and/or moving the mouse. Seems like it’s a matter of the game and its menus losing focus on what’s there to interact with.

Where does the ‘one extra action needed’ issue happen? At least with these menus:

  • Skirmish (once the singleplayer standard game screen is opened)
  • Once the Campaign selection screen is opened
  • Once a campaign is selected (also happens after selecting The art of war gamemode)
  • Once the Host multiplayer game screen is opened
  • Once the Find custom multiplayer game screen/page is opened

Which menus/screens (once open) don’t properly react to the ESC key being pressed?:

  • Art of war
  • Babur campaign
  • Campaign selection screen
  • Devapala campaign
  • During a game, after pressing the ESC key (after opening the menu, to use the ESC key does not always close it)
  • Francisco de Almeida campaign (in this case, using the ESC key might work most of the time)
  • Historical battles
  • Scenario cinematics (once a campaign scenario is selected)

Expected result:

  • Screens and menus should NOT lose focus after being opened/accessed to them.
  • Interacting with every menu should only require one action, not additional ones. For example, to open the Skirmish menu should only require two clicks from the Main menu, shall the mouse be pointed at the right place and the mouse is completely still (instead of having to click Single player, then move the mouse/scroll the mouse wheel/press a key on the keyboard and THEN, select Skirmish).
  • The ESC key should always either cancel/undo/close an opened menu/screen or go back to a former screen.

Hi @SlenderBadger98
I talked to the team about this issue :slight_smile:
Thanks for this detailed report!

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