Unsatisfied with the choice of Delhi Sultanate over a native India civilization

While some may found this tempting, That’s a very, disputed, minor, and ignored point of view. as colonial writers propagated this foreign-origin theory in order to legitimise the colonial rule.
Anyways aside from that.

I would Prefer a Chola / Vijayanagar for AoE4 personally
(although my side-wish would be to see kakatiya)

Indians are almost entirely missing from the paying player base for AOE2 and AOE3. I don’t see why Microsoft should take these concerns very seriously if they don’t translate to revenue.


lol what, half of this forum are from indian subcontinent


So they need money to promote correct history and if they don’t get money, they will destroy our history!?

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This may shock you, but many of us from all over the world want to play a game featuring civs from everywhere that are well crafted, unique, and interesting to play.


When I play AoE2, I love playing the unique Aztecs. I don’t say “oh the Americas! They were so backward at that time!”

Different places have different flavors. Enjoy them all. You won’t enjoy chocolate ice cream everyday.

I am in favor of more Indian factions in the game, but the ultra nationalistic point of view that has been seen in this forum regarding the representation or lack of it of India its been ridiculous. So yes more factions in upcoming DLCs was spected, but I think that other regions of the world like Africa, America and other parts of Asia need more content before revisiting India again.


We had one for Asia in late 2019 and another one in 2016. We had one for Africa in 2015. We had a civ India in 2013.

About the meso civs, even I want 1 more meso civ, more like from North America/Canada, to complete 4 civs from the region!

None of us want a “India” so its not nationalistic.

Many want an actual kingdom that existed from 500-1206 not the one that last less than 300 yrs and was a foreigner barbaric genocidal sultanate. In addition we want a native country with the Hindi or Tamil language not a Persianized Sultanate with Farsi/Persian language that would kill off native populations, culture, religion AND burn priests alive to force people to convert and impose triple taxes on non muslims to force them to convert. Sorry that offends you. I think that’s a fair desirable want.

Asia also needs to have the area from Bhutan to Indonesia some love as well. What about Khmers or Srivaja empires?


@GKShaman I’m sorry for your loss and deleted that link to show you my respect. So I see that there are some bad rulers in first two dynasties like Firuz Shah and has good guys like Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq who does his best for equality. The whole sultanate isn’t evil, there are many goods in it like every other civs. Just keep that in mind please.

  • Partition was a bad time,blood-shed everywhere
  • but such a selective context utilisation wont cover a broad actual topic, so pretty much irrelevant
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I like how India has so many different culture, people, beliefs. Nearly every medieval civs did bad things but not in the name of any religion. If you search them religions means peace not war. Bad ones are people. Mongols were maybe the worst one about that. But no one says things like GKShaman do. He sounds like an islamophobic person to me.

To the topic, I would like to see new civs like India’s other parts, Africa, US, middle east. But I wonder how many asymmetrical civs they can add. It’s really hard to balance.

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[Moderator hat on.] Your citation goes to modern times and not ancient history. Do not discuss politics here, please. We are here to discuss a video game set 1000 years ago.


Mongols were maybe the worst one about that.

100% agree with you about that. Trust me as someone who had family in modern day Bangladesh and lost EVERYTHING to the Partition and HAD to move to India or DIE by mobs unless they moved to India - the partition violence is real and terrible for both religions, but it is irrelevant here.

In that period it was often one sided with the foreign Muslim rulers desecrating Hindu temples and populations quite often in the name of religion. When people originally complained about the Sultanate’s inclusion in the game, many had the response: “iTs hIstOry sTop ComPLAining haha” - well highlighting those wrongs and those atrocities as well as highlight the RESISTANCE to that sultanate and the native culture that existed before is history too.

It is history to highlight the terrible events that happened in the name of Islam just as it is history that India was invaded and ruled by a foreign barbaric sultanate. Remember I am careful to say “in the name of” and I know its not the meaning of the religion.

Putting a native Hindu kingdom and a foreign Muslim sultanate is all this thread wants. Nothing more.


I am sorry for your loss in partition. I have heard so much about the horrors, especially in Bangladesh and Direct Action Day.


Me comentario em hace preguntarme si llegarán a incluir a los Raajpoots como unidades dentro del juego, porque en el age of empires 3 los incluyeron, junto con las espadas Urumi, y en nativos estaban los garra de tigre y los chakram, serìa interesante que fueran unidades ùnicas de los indios del Sultanato de Delhi, o puede ser que hagan otra facciòn india que incluya estas unidades


yes People on the forums, usually fail to understand the deep rooted history and cultural balances of the subcontinent !

People usually judge Indian Subcontinent history, on the basis of other major parts of the world


They fail to see that its the only one! with a VERY unlikely history on the planet !

When u have

  • The oldest living civs
  • historical center of education and innovation
  • Oldest practiced religion/practices
  • literally all types of Geographies (Highest mountains, beaches, Plateu,Plains etc )
  • Birth place of 4 Major Religions
  • Resist Continuous Invasion ONLY, for centuries !
  • Acceptance and Growth of foreign cultures, Nor only for name sake, but also in percentage.
  • have more than 2000+ Dialects & languages included

It makes it really really difficult to compose all of it into one ! and some people just use it to pick point an incident but ignore the long term changes happening as a whole. And this mountain of information/events leads to alot of confusion and chaos (in this forum,outside this forums , and historically too)

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You do realize this post is full of false information and self ego.
Do you really think india is the only place with multiple geographical areas 🤦


I didnt use ONLY for the geography. Obviously there are multiple places with many geographies, but only some places with almost all geographies, that too in considerable quantities n temperatures

nonetheless my focus was :

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I support having more Indian kingdoms being represented, as well as a general South Asian expansion. I’m against a general “Indian Empire” though as such a thing did not exist in the middle ages.