Unstealable cow exploit?! this is a bug right?!

when you hit the garrison command to the Gurjaras mill they can not take their own sheep or cows back! this is a bug right?


Someone @ devs or make official report, until then ill watch my cows vs gurjaras

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agree keep your enemies close but your cows closer!


Can you give the time stamp of the bug? I dont see it at the time stamp in the first post.
And i dont like watching the full vid of a toxic caster.

Right at the start he claims his sheep then goes forward to lame, should be about 1:50 -2:10.

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Fun fact: this bug has actually been in the game for a long time, as you can do the exact same thing by ordering your sheep to garrison a transport ship. Ofc it’s not quite as impactful as the mill version.


That’s correct, we’re tracking the bug; Thank you for the report everyone!


Poop Lord is actually quite wholesome

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interesting never knew that

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Any idea how long it will take for the bug to be fixed?

He’s clearly smurfing on noobs with his lame pooplord strats for content. Very wholesome yea


… just look that his Elo and his teamates as well as the opponent.

His elo rises and falls naturally like anyone else’ when trying different stuff than normally practiced. He is not intentionally smurfing nor is he smurfing, he fights where the strategies bring him.

I’ve been told I’d be around 1600-1800 if I used meta with my current ability, but I stick to my mainstay strategy because I’m comfortable with it and will continue to improve with it- am I a Smurf?

Likewise someone who tries multiple strategies will have elo vary with each one.

And Poop Lord tends to focus on one strategy at a time for a good while to bring out the best in its meme potential, which will reflect elo over time with that strat.

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Out of curiosity… who told you this? Because I’ve watched a couple of your games when you have posted them and you are nowhere near that level (small edit: not because of the strat, but because of the micro, macro and decision making)



probably the most inaccurate thing you will ever say on this forum. stacking with with low elo teammates is smurfing (even if he doesnt do it all the time). nevermind all the other unsportsman things he does

no it doesnt. and just because a number of people control their elo, doesnt make it right that he does it as well.

Was it fixed with the update or still is there?

When he plays on twitch pooplord plays with anyone who wants. Take I lifes is actually about a 1k Elo player and you can see that from his profile. Can people not play with other people with other ability scores? Even if that is there actual ability?

in additon if you look threw pooplords games you can see that he doesnt have a ton of games with Take I Lifes. Many games are played with similar Elo players. Example thats two in a row:

Finally he is 1,7K 1 Vs. 1 or is he smurfing 1 Vs. 1s as well?

Of course you are entitled to your opinion but I dont believe these opinions to be based on facts. Have you tried talking to him he is pretty open about everything he does on discord as well as on stream: Twitch

Its easy to judge some one from behind a computer screen on a form. Its hard to talk to some one as a fellow human being.

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I believe it is still a thing but the fixed the Ratha and mango bug which is a good thing in my opinion

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I didn’t say you were good though, I don’t know, I’m just saying, you have a very off meta playstyle, and at the level you are playing it, it destroys anyone who can’t deal with it.

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