Upcoming Changes

Can i recommend the next round of changes include nerfs for the following…



Or introduce autoviper, that would make the game fair.


auto viper. god sounds like a cheat code.

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Viper mode activated

This is the kind of comment that deserves a line on YT or twitch chat, but a whole thread here? Nah.

This one deserves a whole thread.

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The best nerf would be new competition. Start recruiting. :wink:

Please don’t. Recent topics like this have not gone well.


I feel that this forum has been going downhill for ten days or so. Too much time on your hads, people?


On the bright side, I waste less time there now 11

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I mean it would be a cheat code. Have the best player become an AI for you. Sounds like a cheat code to me.

It’s pretty rare for one person to be so dominant at a game for many years. It’s just impressive. Also he’s nice so you can’t root against him. Also the first person to surpass $100k in total prize winnings.

oh trust me, i am aware of all of this. i like the viper he is easily my favorite player, followed by TheMax. i was trying to be humorous.