Upcoming Unique units & buildings stats and tech tree

Other than a “Cavalry unit that can charge their attack stat” and a “hardy infantry unit that can construct the formidable Donjon”, the new UUs stats are completely unknown and maybe in scratch right now. Let’s see how everyone wants them to be.

Instead of making every cavalry UU as a variant of Knight in castle and a bit stronger than Cavalier but weaker than Paladin in imp, I’d make them weaker than Knight line all the time but at significantly lower cost.

Cost - 45f, 35g
HP - 80, 115
Attack - 8, 11
ROF - 1.9
MA - 1
PA - 1, 2
Speed - 1.45
LOS - 5
TT - 16s, 14s
Armor Class - Cav, UU
Upgrade Cost & Time - 750f, 600g & 50s

I wanted to give them some attack bonus against other cav or archer as we don’t have any cav unit for that but we’ve no idea how that ‘charge attack’ will work (We have some guesses but those aren’t final). So for now there won’t be any attack bonus.

Flemish Militia
Flemish Revolution costs 600f, 400g (For comparison, Supremacy costs 400f, 250g)
HP - 50
Attack - 5
Attack Bonus - 15 vs cav, 12 vs camel, 10 vs ships
ROF - 2
MA - 1
PA - 0
Speed - 1.05
LOS - 4 (+2)
Armor Class - Infantry, Spearman, UU

Tech Tree
I’m assuming they will have Paladin (In that case the dead knights gold return should be reduced to 33% imo). I’d not give them halb as every single civ that has Paladin also have halb and will make an exception. To make them different from Franks, they should have FU skirms or at least skirms with bracer. I won’t mind to throw a 3rd civ bonus as - Skirmisher fires 18% faster for them as they have only 2. Other than that Siege, Monk and Navy should be average.

I want to see a tough infantry with low attack like Condo. Non-elite a bit weaker while elite being stronger.

Cost - 65f, 25g
HP - 70, 85
Attack - 7, 11
ROF - 2
MA - 1
PA - 1, 2
Speed - 1.1
LOS - 3, 5 (+2)
TT - 14s, 12s
Armor Class - Infantry, UU
Upgrade Cost & Time - 1200f, 600g & 45s

If it is a 2x2 tower, then its stats should be in between Tower and Krepost

Cost - 75w, 200s
HP - 2400
Attack - 9
ROF - 2
MA - 3
PA - 9
Garrison - 10 (5 if it can be built by vils as well)
Range - 7
Minimum Range - 1
LOS - 9
CT - 120s
Armor Class - Building, Standard Building, Stone Defense

Tech Tree
They should have a decent navy. In fact I want them have 100% faster Dock + eco buildings construction time instead of the castle as it can be OP. And TC bonus should also be applicable from castle to prevent them being #1 in Nomad. Maybe they should not have Bracer so that they won’t have good archer and navy in late game and will be quite different from Italians. Infantry should be FU and cav should be LC, Cavalier with all upgrades but bloodlines. Siege and Monk should be above average.

What kind of team bonuses would the new civs have?

Good question. Usually TBs don’t be too powerful and sometimes can be pretty useless.

“Eco buildings/house/dock are constructed x% faster” - can be the one.

All eco techs 50% faster

With these stats its not heavy cavalry. According to the information Coustillier is suppose to be heavy cavalry. Its possible it will have lower melee damage than knight line since its suppose to be shock cavalry but its armor and HP is most likely similar.

Did I miss something? I don’t see anything about Coustillier being a ‘Heavy Cavalry’ in the official news.

The unit itself is a Knight in Chainmail, Closed Helm and Barded Horse, with a Lance.

That is pretty much Heavy Cavalry.


I bet the burgundian unit will be an Gold only unit that’s literally an Imp Powerhouse. Like a Paladin but with Cavalry Armor and takes less damage from halbs and such… So in every BF game all allies sling their food, then research the UT kill all your vills and have 200 of these destryoing everything

In that case their ‘heaviness’ should come from something different like Cataphract. I mean Cata is also a heavy cav but its base stats are still worse than knight. If we have another Boyar/Keshik it will be as uncommon as them. Even Leitis/Konnik is not that common.

Knight line just brutally overshadows every other unit, even Tarkans which have better Pierce Armour and also come from Stables (after Marauders).
You just cannot have a better unit than the Knight line, or else half the community will be crying for nerfs, like with the Leitis.

I suppose if you make it little bit better its fine. Lets make an example:
Unique unit called Gendarme - Heavy cavalryman armed with lance, cost 65 food 80 gold
Castle age version: 105HP, 12 attack, 2 melee armor, 2 pierce armor
Imperial age version: 165HP 16 attack, 3 melee armor, 3 pierce armor or 4 pierce armor

Leitis was “just a little better” and people were not satisfied until it was nerfed into irrelevancy.

Funny enough, the game already has Gendarmes. The Man-at-Arms, which is already the english translation.

Leitis ignored enemy armor which made it sometimes far better and its cost wasn’t higher and its creation time was much lower than knights.

But you needed Castles, and you often cannot get more than 2 of those, while you can have as much as 13 Stables on constant production in the imperal Age, after booming.

These kind of things make unit balancing so hard if not impossible, because somebody would still find either unit is OP or crap or so situational so its not worth to make them.

The Leitis was never even OP, and to be honest, a Cavalry UU has to be OP, or it will never see the light of day, while the Knigh is around.

Even War Elephants are not strong enough to overshadow Knights!

War Elephants are slow thats their main problem and weakness. If player will have a huge mass of them then their weakness is not so important because few monks won’t change the outcome. Also they are expensive but they are most strongest unit you can get with 1 pop space.

My point exactly. This whole game is basically balanced around the Knight, so the Knight will remain the strongest option, forever.

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If all pala civs have halberdier, it’s for a good reason. It’s to avoid that in mirror matches the best strategy always ends up being spamming more paladins than the enemy. In the first releases of AoC the Franks had no halberdier, playing Frank mirror back then must have been quite boring.

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I know that very well which is why I recommended a weaker knight with way cheaper cost. In fact the way I proposed that’s not even a weaker knight. It is a medium cav - something in between scout line and knight line which we don’t have in game honestly.

I have something like that in mind if we ever get Pols/Polish.
Cost - 75f, 80g
HP - 125, 175
Attack - 12, 15
ROF - 1.9
MA - 2, 3
PA - 3
Speed - 1.25
LOS - 5
TT - 14s
Armor Class - Cav, UU
Upgrade Cost & Time - 1300f, 900g & 50s

It was never “Just a little better” against archer. Even if you consider its significant lower cost and upgrade cost over Paladin, it was always hard to justify against archers. Other units - yes, without any doubt.

Nice point. Probably this is the reason. But why we can’t have an exception? In Indians mirror, the strategy is spamming more camels than your opponent. Same thing with Mongols but Mangudai in this case. Also how many match will end up having a Burgundians mirror? At most 0.5% in the next February and 0.1% from March.

Anyway can we discuss about other UUs and Donjon, and tech tree instead of only Coustillier - Knight - Paladin?

A weaker Knight, that has to be trained from a Castle, may still not get trained at all.
Also, a UU Knight weaker than a Knight, would haver to be a Trash unit, at which point it would compete in rol with the Hussar, and I am not sure it would win out in the end, since the Hussar is already the best Trash unit in the game as it is.