Update 13.9057



For the balance changes, I am really interested on the impact of these 3 seconds garnisoning delay for incas.

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Maybe consider a generic update to old Europeans so that they fit better to the new theme.
Doesn’t have to be drastic as monthly reworks, just some updated mercenary or native cards like the new “Mediterranean mercenary” and some generic tweaks in shared units and techs (e.g. royal guards)

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Are the new civs unlocked? Anyone that bought the dlc tried to use them?

No, for tomorrow they will unlock.


The France map blows if you are not a rush civ.

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Another one. Don’t like this map pool

The hunts move away from the tc very quickly.

Have the maps been unlocked with minor civs?

an unlisted change:

otto has permanent access to the hajduk outlaw, which is a counter-skirm unit, don’t know what to make of that

edit: my bad its not permanent, its just on the California map which is really strange, was atleast expecting this on euro map

the unit is â– â– â– â–  btw

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Does this block access to “local” outlaws?

Otherwise, interesting choice, and fitting. The Hajduks traveled back and forth selling their services between the Habsburgs and Ottomans along the Balkan borderlands.

it blocks one of the local outlaws, ussually there are 2 iirc

I am not getting Hajduks in every game with the Ottomans

strange either that or you can get hajduk on california and american maps which feels like a bug tbh

They must do it, totally.

love the gangsaw buff

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ok so this is getting a bit strange cause outlaws are supposed to be map dependent but it seems that atleast for Russia (with the cossack outlaws) and ottos (hajduk) they sometimes get an extra outlaw i think

How did they buff it?

Every patch there is some RNG tweak :sweat_smile:

  • Gang Saw: Research time improved to 20 seconds (from 30).

From the Gameplay Section.