Update 14.3853


Bow rider now does 0.5x damage to vils



What’s on the horizon?COMING…
More balance changes, more bug fixes and more ‘’ fun ‘’!

Would love to see these things added in future updates ^^^ :grin:


bit concerned about the lakota and malta changes. Lakota is now a cav civ with no reason to make cav early on and although i love malta, i respect that giving 4 small buffs to a single unit which scales with HP card bonus, defensive combat bonus, depot bonus, and possible age 3 combat bonus could lead to a bit of a power creep. Could have just reduced the price by 10 gold.

Like the otto vill changes, concerned spain vill/soldado train rate form haciendas was not reduced. italy build time of outposts is still probably a bit generous, but a shame that putting more architects onto the same foundation does not lead to diminishing returns. Also i think the xp trickle from lombard card is one of the reason why italy will still be very strong. A mixed balance patch, but the intention is generally in the right direction.


I got a weird error installing the update that forced me to Uninstall, now attempting reinstall 2nd time from Xbox game pass


As always, appreciate the work of the devs and a lot of these changes are sensible. However the nerfs to Italy do not go far enough in addressing the issues.

  • Th architect build limit changes are sensible but I think it should start at 1 in Exploration and increase from there, not 2. I also think that there should be diminishing returns for multiple architects working on a building, just as there is for villagers
  • The incredibly high value shipments (e.g. 3000c deposit is worth 1500w, 2250f and 1500XP thanks to Uffizi). You can argue that crates are ‘faster’ but crates need to be manually gathered and are unlikely to be spent in their entirety instantly anyway, thus the additional speed is far outweighed by the massive surplus value of the resources and XP. Recommendation: all of these should be reduced in value
  • Uffizi itself being way too strong with the xp trickle, especially combined with all the resource cards. Recommendation: XP trickle should be significantly reduced
  • All of these cards, the lombard conversions, and the free buildings (outposts for stalling, free mill/estate transition) from architects mean that Italy can win a 30 minute game without ever having left their base and having not been on natural resources
  • Shadowteched skirms that are almost impossible to catch with cavalry due to insane movement speed and the stun. It’s just far too hard to punish. This unit needs reduced speed, and probably to be made available in fortress to remove the shadowtech while also buffing age III play
  • Shadowteched basilica units which with lombards are easy and efficient to macro for.
  • Likewise the merc shipments with a split cost are far easier for Italy to macro for than any other civ, due to lombards and even being rewarded with additional XP. With the higher face value they are a bigger power spike yet it’s far easier to achieve this macro than any other civ could prepare say 1500 coin for the age 3 cards.
  • Heavy Fortifications upgrading all the towers and walls they can build and rebuild for free. I don’t think Italy should have access to this card

I agree as well that early game Italy will need some way to compensate for the above changes if they were to happen. Not sure what that looks like, but even something like moving bersaglieri to fortress would buff earlier play while reducing the instant age 4 powerspike



  • Peninsular Guerrillas (IV): Now only improves damage for Musketeer-like units by 10% (down from 20%).
  • Viceroyalty of New Spain (III): Soldados are now balanced with regular combat values (-10%) and need to be updated manually to Guard and Imperial status in the Hacienda.
    • Note: The Mexico revolution continues to automatically research Guard Soldados.

Well, it seems like a fair change to me, I imagine that they have also given something new to the Latin American revolutions to compensate for this huge nerf to Spain, right? :upside_down_face:

Yes, I thought so. :unamused:

Okay, I think I’d like to make some proposals.

  1. I think it would be more fun if the Peruvian Guard card would enable the creation of soldiers in fortresses and give them the same effect as the Refurbished Firearms card.

  2. Give great Colombia a card that allows Simón Bolivar to build mercenary camps and grants him guaranteed access to Highlanders, Jaegers, and Harquebusiers.

  3. Chile should have a (inf) card with 3 prospecting carts, in addition to each shipment from the metropolis should receive a death hussar.

  4. Argentina should have a mechanic that allows us to build grazing fields around the corrals, these fields should allow to fatten the cattle and increase the cow limit by +5 if we assign gauchos to the corral it will produce cows for free over time and the gauchos It will automatically collect the fattened cattle.
    (It would look similar to the AOEII mill surrounded by farm fields)


  • Kancha House: Hitpoints decreased to 1600 (from 2000) and costs to 170w (from 180w).
  • Monumental Architecture (II): Moved to Age 3.
  • Royal Festival (Big Button): This big button delivering 1 Macemen per 4 minutes of game time now costs 250 of each resource (down from #### 400w 500c).
  • Supay Ceremony (IV): Maceman spawn time reduced by roughly -30%.

I would have liked that in this patch the Tupac Amaru II card was a complete revolution and equivalent in level to the Mexican revolution of the Mayans, perhaps the next patch. :crossed_fingers:


  • Architect:
    • Hitpoints reduced to 225 (from 275).
    • Initial build limit reduced to 2 (from 5) and now increases by +1 at every age-up.
    • Now builds Outposts in 170 seconds (up from 150), Town Centers in 270 seconds (up from 250), and Walls in 12 seconds (up from 10).

I would like to suggest that the architects not become revolutionaries, I think that would be a nice bonus to the Italian revolutions and an excellent compensation for the nerf to civilization.

What’s on the Horizon?


  • More balance changes, more bug fixes, and more fun!

I am a little worried about the future of this game, if they really sent a large part of the development team to AOM:R I see it as unlikely that we will get more civilizations, also it is quite likely that they will not return to AOE3:DE, someone will have to work on a patch, balancing and DLCs for the AOM:R. :disappointed:

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There is a bug/error with the version of AoE3 from the Microsoft Store, the developers are trying to fix it.
Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


Yes after so long, they finally increased fulani multiplier vs heavy infantry. Back in a year ago (when I still play the game) I complained on forum that fulani can’t kill musketeers. Now I already quit the game finally they changed it. Still happy to see xD.

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Lots of great changes imho, this was stated to be small update yet the worst “lame” was addressed and lots of small tweaks to help things along. Its great to have an update that does polish things for the most part (hopefully OOS decrease tho, its making casting or showing off a rec spotty.)

Finally ports dont feel as painful to play already, not forced botting the FF like every single freaking game. Haude changes feel good (aennna might be a bit ovettuned but trust me their animation remains the worst). Sweden still seems strong but lost its unpunishable age2 instant boom and also the stupid halb rush a bit more managable. Soldado FI now not “way point to victory” ez gg no re. Italy FI still strong but now requires above 60 iq to play, albeit the res cards will ensure italy remains best civ at tower defence mode :stuck_out_tongue:

I know devs are busy but this seems to show they are listening and trying to address feedback. I know many here will focus on what devs “didnt” do in their eyes and be negative, but this pup alone is met postive i think all around. For what its worth, thanks!


Please at some point can we look at ottoman and ask ourselves “how did we get here?”
Im mot saying nerf into oblivion. Just something to make it a bit more manageable and not feel like every single game is ottos to loose.


Yeomen and Siege Archery won’t turn into Baker Rifles and Ranger Combat if Queen’s Rangers are used instead of the “Rangers” card. Please at least fix this.

Ideally, only one of the church card and the “Rangers” card is needed to enable Rangers.
If it’s the former, we don’t need the latter at all, just like the French use the church card to enable Grenadiers, but don’t have the Grenade Launchers card.
If the latter, the former should provide Consulate Rangers and Counter Infantry Rifling (return the cost if researched) rather than normal Rangers and veteran upgrade, and the latter should enable Rangers and provide veteran.

By the way, the “Rangers” card should really be renamed.
Other civs can access Incendiary Grenades in Age II and Grenade Launchers in Age III, which seems a bit unfair to the French’s normal Grenadiers. (Of course having Consulate Grenadiers is an advantage for them.)

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Where is the Giant Grenadier nerf?


I agree on the sentinels, their problems come from their lategame drop-off so making base changes like this is risky.

Instead of changing base range they could have made wall guns less clunky and have the same effect.


In terms of actual performance,Yeomen and Siege Archery into Baker Rifles and Ranger Combat if Queen’s Rangers are used instead of the “Rangers” card

In fact, Yeomen and Siege Archery ​will provide Enhancement effect of Ranger. ​but the card will not change, which may be a logical bug

great post agree with all, kinda exceot fir heavy fort card as it is standard amongst most civs

The lack of a damage penalty against villagers was literary a core part of the unit design for the [Bow Rider], but then it was reduced to 0.75x, and now it is completely gone.

I truly hope that this change gets reverted in the next update or as soon as possible, where they will be more effective against villagers than most cavalry units as they were intended to be by Ensemble Studios when the WarChiefs expansion was added to the game year 2006.

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For Malta, if sentinels have a 13 range now, shouldnt they get a range of 15 in age 4 with their 45% card sent?

I tried this out but they had 13 range for normal attacks and 14 for their rocket attack. I dont know if its just a display error but with their special card sent, they should normally get a range increase of 2.

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