Update 14.7908?

It has the dps of 2 cassadors and about half the durability. Strong, but nowhere near nerf worthy.

what unit must i do to kill it? it has 19 range i cannot use skirmishers nor falconets because its nor profitable
cavalry cannot enter to kill them if they are well protected on team games

cassadors are base age 3 units though so they have base age 3 stats in age 2 and has more upgrades.

1v1 its fine but team games where you can’t mass them easily but team games where you can focus them its a bit too snowbally.

if it had the base atk of 2 skirms and say abit more hp I think it probably is fine

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It is understandable that they are working on a DLC that was announced a long time ago, maybe in June or July we could already have more precise information about the DLC but I don’t understand why leave the game without a patch for 2 - 3 months? The game has sold 4 DLC + base game + skin packs + Soundtrack.

I am not one to criticize if the developers are really competent developers, perhaps the decision-making to generate certain actions is beyond their reach, but I feel that they have taken this game so calmly that it can be exploited much better, they take time extremely too fix bugs, crash. pathfiding, performance issues, balance.
Could perhaps a hobbyist do a better job than a developer

The users of the game are also a business for the company and they need to keep them happy and happy, I am not specifically referring to adding more civilizations for me I would have been comfortable with the 16 civilizations, but I must admit that I like that they have added more maps , historical battles, cards, however I am not amused at all that they take so long to make patches, generally I would have liked a patch every month, the game will not last forever, more technology comes out every day, different trends, different games, different things etc, that would make people prefer that before playing this game so you should take advantage of the potential and things for this game while it is still alive.

mmm well, the only thing i play this game is because some times friends on discord come to play 3vs3 or 4vs4, but is once per week. My favorite game though. What kills the game is the difficult to find a 3vs3 or 4vs4 with teams of the same skill level averaged

Isnt having bigger base stats over a vet upgrade usually an advantage tho? Anyway, Iwas only drawing the parallel of a high damage/low survivability skirm alt. Abus are just an even more extreme example of that idea than cassadors, as I see it.

That aside, Id think bringing them closer to 2 regular skirms (less dps, more hp) would make them alot stronger as a stand alone unit, no? Im imagining the skirm equivalent of soldados rn, not a pretty thought.

In the current form of the unit, their overall ability depends on the quality of their meatsheild. Mayhap we outta rescale cav archer base hp instead?

Eagle warriors can defeat the scattered soldiers one-on-one because they need 75 of food and gold costs, as well as 15 farmers’ dance bonuses. The scattered soldiers only need 50 of food and 65 gold, and they will not require their farmers to dance to restrain their own economy. Moreover, the Aztecs only have 140% of the gold plantation efficiency bonus, while a normal European country has 200% -210%, and they do not have artillery or factories. You’re just at a low level, and even the weakest Aztec in the treaty is afraid of it


People tend to forget that aztec army need some way to be kinda effective to compensate the lack of artillery and cavalry. They forget that aztecs have to work differently than other civs; their units cant be 1:1 versions of european ones


the tradeoff usually is that units like the cassador have higher base stats and so scale better but have less overall upgrades since it doesn’t get a vet shadow tech like normal skirms, so iirc it gets only +80% stats, the better scaling helps offset it.

the abus on the otherhand gets both the higher base stats and the full +100% from upgrades so its in a class of its own

maybe but right now its like half the hp per pop and lower armour so we have some wiggle room to adjust that. if it was like say 75-80 per pop then its not soldado level where its just the hp of 2 musket.

their biggest problem is in team though so changing otto units won’t have any effect, I think they are kind fine in a 1v1.

In team game extended age 2 can be a thing and then a dedicated abus person can really go ham. they outrange basically everyone but dutch and also bypass range armour so it can be oppressive


@coffeeco01. This guy usually has the reason all times in all posts. Is an intelligent man.

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warned y’all

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11 likes, one of the most liked comments and people still defend nerfs to aztecs. This forum makes nosense

Traditions have to be preserved I guess