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I’m aware it was already there in the imperial tech and they lowered the tech and instead added it to a card. That sucks for treaty I imagine but for supremacy that’s a good change as we now have an extra upgrade that we’d never have seen before as imperial age is extremely rare in supremacy.

It would be good if you gave some examples, because on that map there are things that only appear because they are in the campaign or on historical maps, also I see no reason to consider it a spoiler, there is literally a specific theme to show our discoveries on that map.

In addition to the above, I recommend taking screenshots.

Why is everyone so quick to think that there will be no new Civs?
Age of empires 2 had over 3 years no new dlc because the devenitiv editions were made. And after that there came 3 more DLC, and 2 more are to come that we know of.

Current most aoe3 devs are working on AoM. Let them finish this and wait for the next civilization DLC next year.


Because one has to keep expectations low to avoid being disappointed and because Microsoft doesn’t seem very interested in AOE3.

Give me a source confirming that most of the AOE 3 developers went to work at AOM.

Also, if they removed developers from AOE3 to give it to the AOM, I don’t think they will return to this project, someone has to take care of maintenance and DLCs for the new AOM.

Found one: Saltpepper trade ally


Cherokee archer, rifleman and horse archer:


One dev mentioned it on discord. He said in the same post: don’t worry. For the most of us aoe3 is the only true game.


Buccaneer allies


Lakota gives you access to Cheyenne and Tokala soldiers

And Huron gives you access to Soldiers for 25 food and War Canoes.

Also, Battery Towers has the Wettin alliance


Ergo, he probably stops working on AOE3, but he’ll remember it fondly.

We can drop the subject, you’re getting me down. :worried:

Let’s change the subject, please. :neutral_face:

I think Italy needs a Buff in its military section.

For example, I could have the unction card, also I think the venetian arsenal card should affect the military production of the factories.

Card: Statuto Albertino.

Carabinieri: It should cost 1500 wood and in addition to giving us 12 carabinieri it should allow them to be trained instead of the dragon.

Risorgimento: It should have some beneficial effect on the revolutions of Italian civilization. (HP and DM + 25%?)

Papacy: I think this card should increase the arrival speed of papal envoys by 10% per basilica and heal nearby units.

Papal Arsenal: No longer increases Papal shipping speed by 33%, but increases the amount of Basilicas we can build by +2, maintains Papal unit upgrades. (this would synergize with the improvement of Papacy)

Obviously this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s terrible for improving italy’s military You need the Papal shipments to bolster the mediocre italian forces.


Statuto Albertino/Papacy + Papal Arsenal.

If we stack all the correct cards you’d end up with 5 basilicas, which is equivalent to papal shipments arriving 50% faster.

In any case I would make the Statuto Albertino an Age III card

It doesn’t matter if you have one or one hundread basilicas your papal shipments arrive at a fixed rate (because they are shipments that take the shipment queue.

And Basilcas take up too much space anyway, it’s hard enough fitting two let alone three.

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Ok, so, what’s your proposal? What do you think developers should do to improve Italian civilization?

That was not the point of the game, focused on the New World discovery. Balancing the game with a number of civ representative of the amazing diversity of culture from that era, regardless of their relevance, is simply an impossible task.

Maybe singleplayer-only content ?

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Then most of the new contents after TWC should never have existed.


arguing factions relevant to the new world only deserve inclusion is really sad.

i also don’t really buy the argument about balance, older factions are also competitive and get updated over time.


Unfortunately, the original developers deviated from the original premise by not showing the conquest of the American continent, conflicts with the locals, and given the existence of revolutions, we might have expected them to add the United States, Mexico, and Brazil as empires that grew out of the the new World.

Honestly, we don’t gain anything by looking at what could have been the game, it’s already late, there are already Asian civilizations and an unreasonable amount of European civilizations, in any case I hope they add more to the new world.

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Arguing that the original premise of the game doesn’t matter is really sad. :slightly_smiling_face:


you know that literally would mean no US or Mexico right?

the premise of the original game was old world powers coming to the new world and fighting over territory.


Screenshots? Where? Let me guess, discord?