Update 47581


Dat Hausa and EthiOPia nerf o.O

I didn’t expect that…


‘Empire Wars’ game mode pushed off till the next update?

Bummer. I don’t know what it is but I was looking forward to it. Anyone have any details on it?

It sure is great to see my favorite game still being supported like this, even when there’s a ‘new model’ coming out in a few weeks. All those AOE2 players who stuck with it when AOE3 came out? It’s gonna be like that for me when AOE4 comes out - I’m sticking with 3.


Well, aoe4 is no replacement for aoe3, their target is aoe2.


I dont think it was really planned for this patch. Its more like… teasing :slight_smile:


Can we gather signatures to eliminate the Dunas map from the competitive one? LOL

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Those Halloween icons made me lol. They’re unavailable right now but should be before Halloween.

Nice Looking patch. I like they’re mainly focusing on one civ at a time. So we have have the three other native civs and USA to go.

The Incan Homecity customization’s look wonderful.


I cant beleve it, WP dont have autodance while they did in preupdate —____—

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nerf to early game to stop them aging fast and eating the cows, otherwise it doesn’t effect them that much and the wood value starting 30% higher is really nice, plus they have 4 cows again, seems like it’s aimed at making them play less aggressively and go for a more heavy eco style.

Don’t understand removing the 3v card though.


In variety is pleassure.

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They’re still insanely busted in treaty, so kinda disappointed with these early game only nerfs.

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That is a huge nerf imo. It will probably stop Hausa rushes dead.

They do have weaknesses in the late game, particularly against goon-skirmish comps.

I’m talking Ethiopia, I agree Hausa is not as OP but they are still very strong eco wise. Ethiopia just spams those javelins to beat their counter unit somehow, combined with the OP morts.

Javelins aren’t that good anymore at trading their counters.

Given that there is no javelin nerf in the patch notes and they were still stupid last week, I assume they are still good enough to be able to afford making too much of them just for the sakes of it.

You can spam them in late game true, but they were nerfed in the previous patch, and they trade very poorly against musketeers now. A typical musket / artillery ball should deal with them just fine.

I’d say ethiopia late game is pretty bad since they don’t have an easy way to get influence, which means less cannons and less special alliance units.

Hausa has better late game due to universities and such.


how come fertile crescent was removed from treaty pool?

also could we pleas have some hints for the upcoming faction? i mean i know most are gonna read a unit to be Italian regardless but still.

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It is worth pointing out that Gascenya are no longer erroneously tagged as Hand Infantry, this means they will no longer gain +10% from the Infantry Breastplate upgrade available at the Arsenal after picking the Portuguese Age-Up


The issue is more the Javelin + Neftenya + unkillable healing mortar situation, but it’s still a nice bugfix yeah

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Look at this heresy!

@InterjectionAOE, how did you let this pass? :angry:

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