Update 47581

I think they are acting as fillers because over 50% of all minor Natives are based on USA and Canada, which have several maps.

  • South America is diverse but there are only a handful of minor civs restricted to a few maps.

  • Brazil alone is 85% of the size of USA, however: Compare their maps and tribes.

  • Asia is huge and there are only five minor natives. So they fill everything with Jesuit missions in order to have more than one settlement per map.

  • We give a pass to Africa because only the northern part has been explored so far.


Hausa got ■■■■■ destroyed in it’s early game… the rush doesn’t exist in any capacity…nor early eco start

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The 3 villi card removal is huge.


jeez why remove the vil card now there’s no early decision for hausa everyone just gonna open cows

So inca can pull off a 6 min ff into bolas and hurracas, I think thats a bit too fast lol


Balance is divided into FE design civs and non-FE design civs.

However every balance patch was excellent considered by some people but still a mess.