Update 9 Questions

Hello guys, recently i started AOEDE again and i saw the Title Update 9 has been released, with fresh achievements. As you may not know i am a TA (trueachievement) user and i can see how many people got the DLC and achievements already but no one has it (nothing registered by the scanners), so i tried to play a random game and tried to unlock a few, but nothing happens.

Are the achievements glitched in a way? The subforum of it on TA has no other report or thread/post by users of the achievements, so i can’t tell what’s the issue here.

Anyone got some clarification?

As far as I know there are no problems. The past days I did unlock a few so they do work. You can check which achievements you missed by opening Xbox hub, click AOE DE and set the filter to locked.

@PCS70 @cenGii91 There are some new achievements coming soon. They were public Thursday when the latest patch was released but have since been pulled. The new achievements are likely for the upcoming Update 10.

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Good to hear that news. The total time played is not correct or is only MP online counted there?

The total time played appears to have been reset with the update. It should include SP and MP.