Update "old" Unit Designs from original Age of Kings and Conquerors

Hi all, this is a suggestion. Age of Empires 2 is and old game that looks amasing with the new models, graphics and animations, but as new dlc/expansions come, the original models look more and more “old”. In the sense of how were design.

For example:

  • Berserkers (Vikings) looked nice at the time, but now globally we have other conception of how vikings were, while the model uses a horned helmet for example, how some vikings and berserkers used the dane axe a two handed axe instead of shield and axe.

  • Axe Throwers (Franks) I believe they went more for a “cartoon” aprouch in this one, giving them a 2 handed axe with doble head, and that they carry another one in the back. While in reality the “Francisca” was a 1 handed axe used as a side arm, thrown pre-after engaging, or used in melee.

  • Woad Raider (Celts) well this is a tricky one as vikings, since “Celts” includes several kingdoms-cultures, like Scotland and Ireland for example, while also “represents” them as pre 5th century and pre christianity in a “savage” look, using again a double head axe and a shield that was used by the Germanic tribes.

  • Teutonic Knight (Teutons) this has an issue like celts and vikings, while in Barbarrosa campaing they represent the Holy Roman Empire, meanwhile in reality they are the Teutonic Order, that aside the Teuton Knight is one of the strongest units in game, with high attack and melee defense, dont get me wrong I love the model, but could use some love, like a 2 handed sword, a shield or a nicer helmet.

Note: It would be nice if some unit designs were updated not just the model but the design itself of the model and its animation like others were, also I would be willing to pay for a dlc type that include additional model options to use instead of the old designs, like having 2 models to choose for a unit, like in other games like Starcraft 2. And graphical sets per culture so not all common units look european, there are mods yes, but mostly they use heroes models.

Would you like to see new models for old units or even have new graphical sets as buildings have for units?
  • New designs/ Re-design Old Unit Models.
  • Unit sets per cultures as Buildings.
  • Nah, they are fine.
  • Other, comment.

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For the base game those should stay as they are, they come from the original game, so i’m not sure about changing them. Also considering that the game isn’t historically accurate and doesn’t need to change things because of that.
It should only be done as one or more paid graphicall DLCs that only changes each civ’s graphics aiming to a more historically accurate portrayal of them. That would be enough to please many that have also requested new graphics, without affecting the nostalgia of others. Also, if possible, players without this DLC should be capable of not seeing these new graphics if the other player has them, so people that don’t want to learn the new models can play with people that want to play with them.

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Well, oddly you didn’t speak about Mamelukes throwing scimitars… the worse design of all.

Other problematic units:

  • Persian elephants without riders
  • Conquistadores (altough they use horse/steel/gunpowder to represent the tech edge over native americans, they dind’t fight with an arquebus on horse)
  • Chu Ko Nu existed but was more a self defense weapon on short ranges than a standart weapon
  • Korean War wagon, lol
  • Tarkan shouldn’t use a torch as main weapon
  • Samurai main weapon should be a bow

And so on…


The only change I would make would be removing the horns on the Berserks, I’m opposed at changing the names of the units and more so to change how they work mechanically

This is an easy fix.

At least they have less range than Arbalesters.

I really don’t mind them

But i would like those changes and more in a models per culture DLC, as long as you can use the standard or culture set as you want and doesn’t change the name or stats of units

Totally agree, thats way I didnt mention names, stats or mechanics, It would be basically a Skin, and could only be seen by player that has it active, thus playing Multiplayer or other games wouldnt be hindered at all.

Could work as skin in mobas or as you said only player that has it sees it.

Yes it is, but changing its design would be changing its mechanic, and thats something most wouldnt. Yes again “conquistadores” are weird but as above changing it would change mechanic itself.

Persian yes, the elephant model is nice, but it lacks riders, I did think about them, but choose not to mention them.

Chu ko nu, as mention up there Im not saying anything about stats, mechanics, etc. Only visuals.
Tarkan yes it shouldnt, but is understandable since its “main” mechanic is destroying buildings (siege attack), Samurai, this is a tricky one since samurai term is wider than just bow, spear and sword, they could also be mounted unit, so…

They did change the byzantine uu for a historically accurate one.
All I want to see are new skins for all the hero units.

The persian elephant could had been fixed on DE but seems that the devs choose to stay without rider.

And yes, I would specially fix the mamelukes (I really don’t know how) because seems so stupid.

I can bear the other inaccuracies, but for futures games avoid them.