Updates we really need post-April patch

It’s been a wild since people are asking this but please could it be possible to have the “option” to have cameras location hotkeys?
After 30min game time “go back to the last notification” and “return to previous view” start to be inaccurate because of the too much going on every where on the map.

The last adition of hottkeys select all blacksmith, market and university was a nice step ahead keep on making the game mecanics more efficient and attractive it will benefit the game.
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*Forgive my english I am French

I just realised that the “guard” and “follow” option in army formation could not be apply to a selection of units.
ex : i want my crossbows to guard or follow my pikemen isn t possible however my crossbows can guard or follow one among all of them. But if the pikeman I choose (randomly) to be guard or follow die! The previous stand isn t applying over the rest of the pikeman.
I think it could be nice to apply the stand to a selection of units ard to a ctrl group.

But there is one, yes? I don’t understand what you want, if what you want is already there.

Very odd.

And this kind of behavior should not ever be endorsed. Current system is light years better.

This could be good, the opposing players don’t need a chat between themselves (however in team ranked queue there should be a chat introduced so that teammates can talk with each other BEFORE a game is found), there could just be a button that you click and if the other one clicks it too, its confirmed and you can’t back away from it anymore. While doing this, you could also separately pick a civ or put it on random civ or mirror, just like you can now, in case the other one does not accept the joint random civ option.

Neat idea, but I feel making it happen would be a whole lot of work right now, probably in the future. Actually more than this I’d want the lobbies to remember my past settings, so if I played some custom map just now, the lobby would have that custom map setup as the map option the next time too, so I don’t always need to go through the hassle of finding it again from my custom map list. Also the lobby should remember which mod I used the last time, too. Too many settings need to be fiddled all over again when the game crashes or someone drops right now and you have to rehost, it should be much easier, just host the lobby and wait for the people to join back.

Since 1v1 and teamranked elo’s don’t even correlate with each other, this wouldn’t work too good. You can already see the people’s elos from their profiles in the lobby right now and do the math yourself if you feel so, except not everyone who plays lobbies even have a ranked elo.

Atleast all chat (with *) should be visible to spectators, agreed.

But they are considering, no?

Indeed. Right now if a caster wants to see any chat, he has to join the game and resign at the start. However this makes unbalanced games cause now there’s a slot on the map that has free resources for the caster’s neighbours to collect, giving those 2 players an advantage.

Yes, and fix the monk with a relic for all these variations (and hero units) too so they don’t switch to the normal monk model (and stats) when they are carrying a relic.

Atleast ship sails should get their idle animations back. Right now the sails are fixed into whatever stance they are at, which looks quite stupid.

At least for this, there are mods already.

There is a slider that controls this. However I too would enjoy an even larger slider option. However if this is not possible for some reason, so be it.

However I would like to have more option for the UI scaling, specifically the selected unit icons are just too small for me even at 125%. The slider could go to 150%.

Yeah go and mod this one. Devs wont be wasting time on it.

Probably has to do with formations and how bad they already work sometimes with 60 units. I actually thought that one would get upgraded even more with DE but realised it might not work as one just imagines it to work. I rather keep it 60 and let them solve the pathfinding issues instead.

You already want to use this superior map mode anyways to actually see where your and your allies units are scattered around. Yeah, I guess it could be nice to see that information all the time but the UI is pretty filled and again, I think devs could use their time on more important issues.

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About regional monks, I strongly agree… seeing a Christian monk exiting from a Buddhist temple (or a mosque) looks really weird.

But no, I don’t agree to the “enemy” argument. Turk incursions from the sea had been a constant to my own town in the Middle Ages, but why I shouldn’t play as them? History works like this…


Please stay on-topic with genuine suggestions and feedback to be incorporated with the next update to the game.


There was also an African Monk unit icon created. It is possible the developers have a model for this, like they have for the King and Merchant. Regional Queens should be added too.


I would propose a step further. Buildings, ships and kings are regionalized, so, why not completing the task, regionalizing not only monks but every unit?


probably something that could be paid dlc or tied to an invent and slowly rolled out.


Many players wanted regional units for decades now,look how popular unit skin mods are in Vanilla HD and DE.
If you can identify buildings and kings no reason you cant identify unit skins.


Sure, also purists could not agree. But, why not adding it as an option which could be enabled or disabled?

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Someone needs to adjust the Gazelle to make it smaller. It looks enormous next to the deer, which is also too small.