I’ve been away for a few weeks now, saw a new patch dropped. Anything new I should know before jumping back in?


  • Towers (health, build time, DPS)
  • TCs (garrison slots and DPS)
  • French villager production (slightly slower)
  • Tower Elephants (less health)
  • Emergency Repairs (longer cooldown)


  • Rams (cheaper)
  • Mongols (start with Ger)

Expect a lot of early feudal Game aggression compared to before. And ramspam.

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Ram are quite bad because the TC now have an auto target on units (which is pretty insane).

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1 ram is bad with poor protection.
But I haven’t had issue with 1 ram, I’ve had issue with 6-8 rams in team games. because they are far to cheap and easy to cover with longbow/knights/archers.
And they do heck of a lot of damage.

because the rams force you to pull out villagers, only to have the ram turn away to try bait them into a good killzone.
And even if you macro your villagers well, you end up loosing a fair amount of villagers simply because ram doing what its doing.

And the problem with ram rush in team games is that its enough with 1 player focusing on ram, with a few assisting knights but usually archers, putting huge pressiure on 1 guy, forcing the defenders teammate to respond.
Slowing the entire defending team age up, while the offensive team gets to FC.

In a 1v1 game, sure the ram rush usually makes it so the defender can FC and the attacker laggs behind.

Imo, rams are just to strong / cheap.
I dont mind however to make rams more similar to AOE2 rams, where they are far more scalable with age up with veteran to elite upgrade.
but also making more effective with garrisoned unit.

This to prevent blobbing range support (longbows especially). If they wanna pressiure a TC with early rams. AS having a ungarrisoned ram is just to slow damage and movement speed.

I am saying that only for 1v1, i have never play team game