Updating a Mod Breaks The Status of It

Bug Report: If you create a mod, such as a crafted map, and update/re-publish it (in game mod menu – > update mod), the “published status” becomes broken.

After that, it always shows as a yellow icon/out-of-date in the “My Mods” list, causing it to re-download itself every time you launch the game, and never shows the “published” green circle anymore.

Deleting it, starting over - has no effect.

Only way to ensure proper functionality is to ensure it’s 100% done and only upload once.

At least, this is how it appears for the mod author. Likely an issue with versioning numbers…?

Hey @_Yak! Best thing to do would be to contact support for this one.

Yep - already did :slight_smile: Their answer was to ask in the community discord though…