Updating Mods does not work properly!

Game Version: 101.101.34223.0 4509956

  • Build (34223)
  • Platform (Steam)


Updating mods does not work properly from the in-game menu in the “My Mods” tab.
Files are not found sometimes, and there are duplicate mods even though there is only one in my own local mods directory. Clicking Import Local mods to try to update the list does not resolve the issue. Restarting the game does not remove duplicate mods, it does fix the “file not detected” error. The image of the mod also does not show up in the game (even when publishing for the first time) and it does not allow me to update the image of a mod when updating a mod.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. In the folder of my custom mod (it’s a Custom Scenario mod) I replace the old scenario file with the new scenario file to update it. (see the second screenshot for the path) If I now try to click update and then publish this happens:
    In this screenshot, after clicking update it shows me “file details 0 MB (0 files)” and if I try to publish the mod anyway, it gives me a “file not found” error.

    I do have the correct file in the correct place as shown:
  2. After restarting AoE2DE, It detects the file perfectly fine, and I am then able to update the mod. After the mod has updated though, a duplicate mod pops up in the “My Mods” tab with the same name as the one I just updated and it shows that this duplicate is unpublished… there is only one mod of the name “TEST” in my local mods folder.
  3. If I now unpublish the published mod out of the two, they merge back into one:
  4. If I now re-publish the mod, it works like intended:
  5. It does not allow me to update the image of a mod when updating a mod (it also doesn’t display the already existing image):
  6. After publishing (even when publishing for the first time) the Image of a mod does not show up when searching for it in the “Browse Mods” Tab

    But the image does exist, because its shown on the website properly:
  7. In the same “My Mods” tab, you can also see (in the screenshot of step 4) that after publishing a mod, their file counts all show 0 despite all of them having 1 scenario file each.