Upgrade and expand the building type castle in age 4 ! units visible on the walls

Hey guys,
in the Middle Ages the castles were often very powerful fortresses with moats, towers and so on. Depending on the castle, sieges often lasted a very long time and were very arduous.

Wouldn’t it be a great feature if the building type castle in age of empires 4 could be upgraded and expanded?
For example with larger towers, moats, higher walls, etc.
Of course that would have to cost a lot of resources, but it would make the castle much more resilient so that longer sieges would be necessary to take a castle.

It would have been really great if the units could also be seen on the building type castle.
Please make the building type castle bigger and more majestic!!! Like it really was

What do you think?

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I implore you to try the open beta coming out tomorrow.
You might be surprised about how castles/towers work :wink:


Thank you for your answer, :slightly_smiling_face:
Then I am curious how it is.
At the moment it is not possible to use age 4 via steam or x box insider hub.
Donload doesn’t work… :face_vomiting:

yeah just be patient.
I literally just received mine.