Uptade Civilization Graphical Sets to fit Historically

Hi all this post is a suggestion.

There are a few civs that have more time than others and could use graphical sets that fits more such civs. For example Spanish and Byzantines used other Graphical sets and eventually thanks to devs and comunity they were change to fit more what they actually were.

That said, Im suggesting updating Huns, Vikings and Goths graphical sets, they use right now Central European set that is shared with Teutons.

Goths: were a group of people that become migrators during the 5th century spliting into: Visigoths and Ostrogoths, both acted as enemies and mercenaries of both Roman Empires (East and West). Till eventually Visigoths were “granted” Iberia (Spain) and later founded Spanish kingdoms like Castilla & Leon. While Ostrogoths roamed till Invading Italy and Rome.

So in theory they are the pre civilizations of Spain and Italy, thus would be fitting they use the Mediterranean set.

Huns: were a nomadic people much like mongols, tatars, cumans that raided the Roman Empire circa 5th too, however they cease to be mention after its leader Attila dies. It needs to be noted that they didnt settled as the Goths or other group, so would be nice if they use Central Asian or Eastern European.

Vikings: Well the term vikings include all scandinavian kingdoms (Norway, Sweeden, Denmark, Iceland, Kingdoms created in England during the viking age). I believe that would be more fitting to have their own set like a Northern Europe set, but anyways would be nice if they use instead Eastern European set.

Would you like to see this update?
  • I agree with Goth update
  • I agree with Hun update
  • I agree with Viking update
  • No, They are fine
  • Other (Comment bellow)

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Add the finns and give them a new set with vikings goths :heart:


Definitely needs dev attention

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I forgot to mention that Priests models should be change to accordingly, since there are models already like Imam, or several asian monks. While American civs do have their own Monk.