Ur team is PUNISHing PLAYERS

for the last 4-5 days i m being punished by aoe system. whenever i start que timer runs. when match is found pop up comes player has left a party. then i go to home screen. then again go multiplayer and start que. it doesnt let me play for 4 hrs. this pathetic team doesnt know how to fix this problem. i complained earlier like 3-4 times but this team doesnt resolve it and punish me and doesnt allow me to play aoe. i am getting 4hr ban for 3 times in a day. its like dont play aoe go play something else. why do u guys exploit ur customes. it is wrong. u guys are mistreating us. i m frustrated. dont know what to do. i did not leave que or left party. just happening very frequently.

You should move near to Pune. They have servers there in India.
AoE DE games are hosted on Azure. Here are the Azure DC locations:

Pick a country, find the specific server name that’s shown in-game and you’ll be able to see which city the datacenter is in.

i just want to understand why with out any problem my side i m banned for 4 hrs in day for 2-3 times and not able to play ranked games.

and what will i get by seeing this azure thing

I don’t think changing cities is a very practical solution for disconnects 11111

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