URGENT - Game is BROKEN via Rus

Hello, as a new player. I really love the concept of your game, but you really ought to triage what bugs need to be fixed. This one needs to be fixed URGENTLY. For some reason only the Rus monasteries allow negative relics… This allows for duplication of relics based on the number of priests you have pick up the relic.

For example, with 19 (or X) priests, you order them to take 1 relic from a monastery. The monastery will show -18 (or X+1) or whatever relics taken. All priests are now holding a relic which they can place into another monastery, then destroy the negative monastery and repeat. This breaks the game and it is unfortunate for most players, as I was one of them until a few days ago, that don’t know about it wondering how we are getting crushed by Rus players late game.

Players have been doing this for at least 2 weeks as there is a YouTube video that explains this. Just search “AOE4 Rus Relic Dupe Glitch”. This is becoming well known and if you had a decent feedback reporting tool in game you would likely have known about it sooner, or you don’t care?

It doesn’t work with the other races, so if it’s too hard or too much work or lengthy process, AT LEAST disable Rus until it is fixed… Make an effort to fix this as soon as possible unless you want to lose a great chunk of the player base or ban half of them for “cheating”… Please apply SOMETHING to the patch next week at the latest, because it is just becomes blatant neglect beyond that point. This should be a much higher priority than it appears to be. If not addressed timely, It will look extremely bad regarding your abilities as developers to responsibly take care of your content and I and others will likely keep this in mind regarding future purchases.

Thanks for a cool game, but please take care of it. You just released it after all… Actually, you would think a bug like this would have been found before release.

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They know about it, and it’s in their roadmap for stuff to fix. The problem is that they aren’t just hotfixing it.

Yeah, I just found their thread about reporting bugs and found their known issues page… Apparently it is still on a “Tracking” status… The issue is now more their obvious neglect, so I suppose their priorities is more the “bug” I’m reporting. If they can’t figure out how to replicate it, maybe my reference to the video will help… Not allowing a negative with 1 process for only 1 race should not be that hard to fix… They have it working for the other races.

They know about a fair bit of stuff. I personally think that they are holding of fixing it so that they can do one really major update, and be like “Wow, we have just solved all of this at once!”

lol, yeah. I see that now looking at the bugs page… well, I hope it is soon, like next week… but looking at the status page, “tracking” does not sound promising compared to the other statuses… I definitely agree they should hotfix… I can’t imagine it being that difficult, but I don’t know how well they designed things. Maybe they barely tested their product and didn’t design a good framework for hot fixing things. At the very least they should make players aware by disabling Rus or announce game breaking bugs when the game launches… so people know and can ask people not to play Rus if they so choose… Maybe they didn’t even design anything for communicating these things effectively… It would be hell of a lot better than finding out after several long games.

If 1,000 people need a minor bandage, but one person is bleeding out severely… You don’t bandage the 1,000 people first, then help the person that is bleeding out.