US Cards - Dancing

Game Version:

  • Build: V. 100.12.54545.0
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Ophis_Ouroboros


Since the last update pop of cow boy has been up, the cost was 2 after the dancing Card but now with the same card its only 4 instead of 5 without it. I checked all the description of the update but didn’t find any information of something should go like that.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. take US civ
  2. you need the industrial age card “Dancing” should low the pop cost of saloon unit
  3. once you took it it only reduce from 5 to 4 instead of usually 5 to 2 so cow boy can’t be used anymore because the pop cost is to hight.


3 seemed right to me, I don’t know why they buffed it to 2 then (assuming it was intentional) nerfed it all the way to 4.

well i don’t think they nerfed it, because there isn’t any informations about a change about that. by the way they should stay at 2 because it was well balanced between other units. now its almost impossible to do anything with them

Hi @OphisOuroboros!

This is an intended behaviour, however, our team will think about it. Thanks!

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ok thanks for your answer, after some tests i don’t find yet how they can be usefull but maybe someone will find a way to use them.

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plz consider to move it to age2 or reduce 2 pop if keeping it in age4

Cowboys have pretty broken stats rn. They have as much hp as upgraded port/brit goons and better dps than goons thanks to their op charge shot (10 sec CD after an upgrade). They are auto-upgraded in age 4 and 5 and much cheaper than normal goons. Naturally, late-game pop 2 cowboys were pretty problematic and I think this is a great change. I play a lot of team games, and they still dominate early-mid game because the charge shot can easily kill anything safely except mass of skirms (cannons are especially easy prey, even heavies). I think further nerf can be considered to their charge shot, like increased CD after upgrade, reduced range (they have 20 range after caracole!) or reduced damage against cannons or even infantries. Their durability can also be nerfed like decreased HP or ranged armour. Then making them 3 pop unit after dance hall may be okay.