US 'out-teching' Europeans, chance of update?

Is there any possibility that Europeans will get a refresh with the US update? We know theres a replacement for the Saloon but will this just be a reskin or something more? Maybe some kind of colonial office?

It bothers me that the US seems to be eclipsing the British and French in technology. Britain was the birthplace of the industrial revolution and yet the US gets Age3 factories. France launched the first ocean going ironclad warship and they cant get ironclads at all alongside all the other Europeans.

Perhaps Europeans could get ironclads in Imperial? It would still mean revolting would be a cheaper and quicker way and they might not see much use but at least they would get them? Maybe some unique ships could come in too. The HMS Warrior was the largest warship when it was built and could make a really cool unit you can only get one of, perhaps from a politician or shipment.

Anyone else hoping theres something for European faction in the next update?


Not just eclipsing french and British.
They pretty much get banks, a church that works like banks and combined with all the coin trickle they can pretty much get the equivalent of 20 vills on coin.
And faster shipments than even spain.
Not to mention that civ doesn’t even belong on the timeline of the game and made the us revolt mechanic completely pointless


If you want to play coin game, were Dutch were meant to be best at, the US is now better and I am afraid that its the case for most Euros, also Spain.


Do you want to play all european civs condensed into one generic and anachronistic civ? We have the right civ for you… Murica! F**k yeah!
You can also plant the Murican flag to boost your soldiers attack! Oh yeaaah! This civ seriously looks like satire.


Also 21 range skirms and a ship with 80 range on fortress age sounds super balanced too.
Also infinite minuteman that dont loose all of their health, I am sure that won’t cause any issues either


Yeah whats the deal with the flag. Is the us the only country that has national pride? The only one that fought under flags? American exceptionalism at its finest


This like a mobile game, some old stuffs will be weeded out and new stronger stuff are keep being released for earning money.

Infinite Minutemen, that get upgraded into Continental Marines, and get a X2 multiplier against Ships and Artillery.

Fair and balanced™!


Omg. I didn’t knew that.
Totally balanced indeed

And Fair™, do not forget to say Fair™!

You… wouldn’t want your country to get sudden bursts of airbourne Democracy in your every major city… would you?


Are we awaiting confirmation that they get better musketeers than Brits or has that already been snooped out?

Its going to be awkward to see Brits V US with the Americans totally outgunning them with unique musketeers, skirmishers and cavalry while the British plink away with longbows…

It has been confirmed. Regulars are better and more expensive than Redcoats, but because the upgrade is not Royal Guard, and USA can get free Market and Adv Arsenal upgrades, Regular end up just being stronger than Imp Redcoats, in the mid and lategame.

Also, the USA training time card affects all their Barracks and Stables units, while the Explorer Flag also improves training time aswell.
This means they will literally be able to train better Musketeers, faster, and with a better Economy behind them.


But they are on the weaker side, dont forget


The Aztecs and Incas are anachronistic civs as well, being wiped out or conquered by the end of the 16th centuries. Although I agree with many criticisms of the US civ, they make a decent amount of sense, as they fit in with the theme of conquering the New World


I really hope new cards and/or a good rework for the rest of european civs


If European can out-teching natives, why can’t US out-teching Europeans?

Because USA never out-tech Europe until after WW2.
USA, in this timeframe, was behind Europe, in every way.


Because that’s not what happened IRL? All major powers adapted steam engines during the period not just the Americans.


The timeframe is not the most important thing in this game, or the Incan should have never existed. If the natives and Asian have to use arrows and kongfu monks to against colonists, of course US can use steam ships to outrun European’s sailboats.

Actually I quite like the concept of the new US civ. Well done devs! :+1: