It bothers me how the community is barely beating. There should be more discussion, scenario creators, fanart, etc. Is anyone trying to include the Vietnamese players? All you want to write about is the upcoming games, which I don’t care.

Pinned messages don’t seem to be working. Previous forums have been omitted. And the list goes on.

Our happy little forum has always been a barometer for community excitement. If the community is actively engaged with a new, exciting game, then the forum is busy. The community is presently not actively engaged with a new, exciting game. We will be soon enough. At that time, those of us milling around now will have a front row seat.

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Hi @PlayerNY9, Do you have the setting “Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.” toggled on in your user preferences? Users also have the option to unpin a topic just for them.

I turned it off and I don’t see any change. It’s fine, you don’t have to be a forum expert.

Once you turn the setting off you’ll need to go to each thread which was automatically unpinned and re-pin it.