USA after completing all 50 challenges

Hi everyone!
This is my first post so thanks for all you have written and thanks to the developer for their great job!

So my actual request is, after completing the 50 USA challenges I have finally the possibility to play with the new USA DLC faction;

The problem is related to the fact that on my steam page I can’t see any DLC owned. So for Steam I’m still missing this DLC and I can even buy it without any warn like “you already own this DLC”.

Therefore how can I be sure that after uninstalling the game I always be able to play with the new faction ?
Or even after the end of the promotional challenge?

I really don’t understand if this is intended or I’m just missing some point.

It will make more sense to just give the key or unlocking the DLC for the account owner after the challenge completion.

Can someone help me?
Thanks :slight_smile:


I think that bought is rewarded the work of the editor but you keep it forever civilization you don’t have to worry.

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I believe the US faction achieved would be linked to your Xbox/Microsoft account so no matter what happens if you reinstall or lose access on steam somehow it would be linked through Microsoft and therefore you would keep the US civ.

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Thanks for your answer.
But still it is not confusing having Steam suggesting you to buy what you already own?