Usa card redesign

The patch notes mentioned many usa cards will get changes. What do you hope/think will be changed?

I think that over 50% of age up cards are useless. I hope many of them will get changed into something else.

I also hope Chinese migrants gets nerfed. Being able to grab 2 TP in age 1 is a bit too strong on some maps

My predictions/hopes are:

  1. Lee’s Legion cost reduced and number of cav reduced to compensate
  2. Indiana upgrade time reduced slightly
  3. Tennessee upgrades allow militia to be trained from towers
  4. Bear flag revolt cost reduced.
  5. New Jersey sends resources on first send
  6. Sherriff upgrade moved to age 1 and ships a dog (or allows deputies to be trained)
  7. Add an infinite native card.

i expect that state militia and inspiring flags both get nerfed.


State Militia needs to be nerfed and Sharpshooters buffed.