The civ USA: skirmisher can make barracks (instantly), barracks can make skirmishers (instantly), then it just goes on…like cell division, or virus. You just cant clean them up…it is same feeling when I am dealing with cockroaches in an old house. Kill it, it will come out somewhere else…who designed this civ? Is this RTS or hide and seek?

still deciding if you’re trolling or not, its not like there’s nothing at least somewhat broken in every single civ


The issue is that USA and Mexico are a non stop of them

well its a panel with 25 levers in age ups alone, and you can only pick very few per game, i don’t see what the problem is specifically, some broken combo?

That much diversity is the main origin of the problem: texas forts, marines, zouaves, Flag that boost building HP, crates that are autocollected, gatlings…too many

Mexico: Soldados, Heroe spamming soldados, Chinacos, OP trade card, Maya revolt…

I don’t really know what cards the other player sent because I never played USA. But that’s the result. It is super late game in 2v2v2v2. And also USA ships can deflect my culverin shots so I couldn’t kill it. It is completely broken.

You know that otto, india, lakota can do that as well right?

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USA hasn’t been op in treaty or super late game for awhile since the considerable nerfs to state militia(the skirm that builds barracks) and nerfs to texas amongst many other things.

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That civs were designed with that in mind: Slow training times, limited buildings (War huts) or limited units (just jannis in barracks or just sepoys as builders). Also lakota and India lack factories for wood or depend in crates (so XP)

if we go by this criteria then doesnt US also fall under this? only the militia can build and also requires you to go for a specific age up and card as well.

This was an old game i played. I had huge advantage and completely pushed him off mainland. He turtled on a tiny island and his ships are so strong and i cant beat it no matter how much better i am than him. I was 1400 elo and he was like 950-1050. He lost a factory on land but rebuilt that on island. He sent tons of ship cards that i don’t have.

Then he just controls the sea. He starts to drop skirmishers on different parts of the main land, land is huge so i cant catch him all the time and cant wall everything because he has the ocean. Despite taking horrible trade, he always were able to annoy me and instant train a mass of skirmishers which in turn made a huge mass of barracks.

Mortar is the best anti building unit but still, the speed that mortars destroy his barracks are way slower than the speed he can make new barracks. So his barracks just never end. I had at one point double his score but he doesn’t give up, keep sending batches of units into the main land to build. Since his units train almost instantly, i could never catch up to where is fighting me. I cannot always delete army and retrain from the other side. He can always choose the location he want to fight and I have to keep chasing and plugging the holes in the wall.

My factory got destroyed and after 3.5 hours of plugging holes and chasing his army, i finally had no wood to make cannons or rewall. And there was no wood left on the land. It is just,not fair. The better skilled team doesn’t win.

Tbf the host carefully picked a map that is possible to do this, and carefully picked a deck to do it, and then hosted 2v2v2v2 so that he doesn’t get rushed, and even if he got rushed down he has the chance to pretend dead, and rebuild, recover on island and let other players fight first. All these made this situation happen. But it was one of the games that made me suddenly feel that aoe3 is not fun anymore, time to uninstall it. When civ picking is the most important skill in an RTS game, it is just a bad game.