Usac’s Civ Crafting Brainstorms Part 7 - Alans

It would be a civ without chemistry. The first. yes Dromon makes sense for yet another enemy of Rome.

It would also be the first without age 3 melee attack smithing.

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Wow totally legit update all! Wow! with Roman UU having a persisting bonus i dont see the issue in this unit having the bonus being a permanent aura. That said you having multiples is still scary. After all you want a few so your aura can compensate for a lack of Castle Age melee smithing but this is the most religion prone civ in the universe! If converted this unit turns a civ WITH Blast Furnace and Chemistry into a GG and guess what you dont even get faith or heresy!


The proximity of Alania to Georgia means this could be a place for Mule carts. While
Maybe not one with a bonus… except I think it could.

  • Can drop all food at mule cart which has mill functions and research

This technically means you get no mill meaning your farm eco is built a around something you better not accidentally task alongside a drag grabbed army

A cool crossroad of Mulecart camel and steppe lancer. Me likey.

Althouth alongside wood from hunt this might be too much. If you send a squadron of hunters you could eat your enemy base meat


Getting the drop off cart and not the fortified church is also interesting combo.Maybe even villagers can garrison in the cart?

Sure but not for the civ that gets wood from hunting.

As for the fact this civ seems to be a regional unit central by the way, it only feels right if…

Team Bonus: Regional Units (Eagles, Steppe Lancer, non UU-Elephants, Dromons, Mule Cart and camels) train/build 25% faster

That building a Market spawns a mule cart???

Actually ya know what the Dragon Banners tech now boosts their fortified church so they have the same aura as the UU. besides this bonus their churches would be rather plain