Useless Cards

I think most people would agree that if something doesn’t have a good purpose in the game then it shouldn’t be in it. With this in mind, I wanted to invite the community to post possible changes to useless cards that each civ has. I mainly play Spain so here are the cards that in my opinion need to be changed or tweaked in some way.

Team Cards

Spain’s contribution to team games isn’t the best, so improving their team cards would be a nice change that wouldn’t affect 1v1 because these cards aren’t used in 1v1.

  • Team Explorer Combat: Changing this card to something with a little more use or punch would be pretty great.
  • Team Archaic Soldier Training: This could be changed to include more units or add something else to make it better.
  • Team Hand Infantry Attack: Hand infantry isn’t very popular in the game because ranged units tend to perform better. To make this card more useful it could be a good idea to buff the card or change it so it includes more types of units.

Regular Cards

  • Spanish Square: This card isn’t very good in my opinion and doesn’t really complement Spain’s current FI build (I’m not saying that it should since their FI is already really strong). I would either change the troops it sends or change it to a unit upgrade card (for example a pike upgrade).

  • Tercio Tactics: I doubt anyone has ever used this card in the history of AoE3. I would suggest to change it to a unit upgrade card or make it do something different.

  • Colonial Estancias: This can have its uses but it’s very situational. Maybe add something to its effect or change it to do something completely different.


Explorer cards and church cards are useless in 1vs1 too

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I can see benefits from removing the duplicated cards that use to serve the purpose to level up in order to unblock them, I can’t really discuss your suggestions for spain cards but overall I do also believe they should rework some and as stated above, take off the double-cards (like for Aztecs purple 300 wood when there is a 400 wood card already righ there)

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In real life Spanish Square and Tercio Tactics mean pretty much same thing. These spanish squares consisted of pikemen, musketmen and low numbers of swordsmen like rodeleros. So one possible change is that these cards will give you also some amount musketeers.

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That might be a good idea. Though some high level Spain players don’t like the idea of Spain being able to send range infantry from your home city so I don’t know how they would feel about that. I would still prefer if they changed one of them to a unit upgrade card. Maybe buff rods and pikes in a unique way e.g. give pikes a ranged melee attack like lancers and rods no speed penalty when using cover mode (just off the top of my head). But something creative would be nice.

Your idea isn’t bad at all. Since spanish tercios were one of the best soldiers in time it would make sense that these cards could buff them in unique way like giving extra speed or reach attack to pikemen etc.

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Thanks! Yeah, it would be a nice buff considering how good Tercios were in real life.