Using AI Script Mod in Scenario Editor, Need Help. (No Unit Movement Mod)


I Subscribed to the No Unit Movement mod using the AoE2 DE in game Mod menu. I have it in my Installed Mods section and the box is checked. However, The author of the mod in the description only states the following about using it. “After subscribing to this mod, you can select “No unit movement” and “No unit movement - no resource gathering” as AI scripts in the scenario editor.”

Well, I have been looking all around the Scenario Editor and cannot find where I actually can select these as choices. Where do I go in the editor if I have an AI mod installed to actually use it?

I checked through the AI Script Effect Triggers and also under the Players tab where you can choose the AI Personality and don’t see these options anywhere. I want this mod to be in effect when playing the scenario I am working on right now.

This link is a screenshot of my Mods page showing it is Installed:

Here is a link to the Mod page for No Unit Movement:

Anyone who knows how I can use this or has other suggestions I greatly appreciate!
Thank You!

Because of this bug you have to copy those files either to:

  1. Game core AI files
  2. Directly next to scenario file