Using Objects in Area with OR condition doesnt work

I was trying to set up a true/false condition statement using the ObjectsInArea and the OR seperator to determine if any enemy units were in the area and it doesnt seem to work. I have to split the ObjectsInArea of each player into individual triggers. Also using ObjectsInArea quanity=0 doesnt seem to parse correctly. I have to make quanity = 1 and use the inverse function to get it working. Seems like it would result in any number other than 1, like say 50 for example to result in the trigger occuring, but no, it only seems to trigger if it’s there arent any.

Own Fewer Objects is the default reverse of Own Objects in Area. Own Objects in Area will trigger when the value is equal to or greater than your input, the reason why 0 works.

Not that I need it right now but then how would you determine how many objects are in that area is it only does equal or greater.

And for that matter use a condition to return a value. I’m not good enough yet, but i’d like to get some access to specific unit ID codes and be able to pull coordinates and other info and put them into variables.

A lot of triggers and system to store your count of units in the area, if you want to fetch that info.