Using Relics to protect a single unit from conversion

One thing that you very rarely see is mixing in a few powerful units in the midgame. It’s just too dangerous to, say, add an elephant to a larger force, because if that elephant gets converted it’s pretty much GG.

What if there were an ability to protect a single unit from conversion, at the cost of losing one relic’s gold income? Say you make one battle elephant, you could bring it to the monastery, and use a relic to ‘bless’ that unit, which then becomes resistant or immune to conversion.

This would be fairly balanced with regards to siege, because if you have the monastery back, then it will take a long time to get to the enemy, and if you have the monastery forward, it will be vulnerable to attack. Plus, of course, it costs you the gold income, so you need to use the unit effectively or it won’t be worth it.


Seems a good idea for me. It is quite micro intensive so it won’t be broken imho

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for some civs block printing+redemption monks are the only counter to BBC or onagers, making them immune to conversion would be broken


I know aura effects are not so popular in this forum, but what if a monk with a relic would have a little area inside which units have convertion resistance?
Is nice the fact that you have to “pay” in gold generation for it.