UU counters

True but what do against Genese with BBC or Hussar?

True elite Skirms are effective against Mangudai but losing 4 or even 5 to snipe a BBC or treb is Usually worth it if it helps you win a treb war and while mangudai are missing RAR, Mongols can still counter Skirms with Hussar or Siege.
You are right about Champ/Scorp being the best Generic counter to goth but what do you if they just raid you to death?

Now that Plumes are mentioned I think Plumes have too much for the cost, HP+range+lesser attack delay+better ROF+PA, plus being soo cheap and fast to train, elite plumes need -1 range.

OHHH did I forget the Chu Ko Nu, insane attack+arrows that destroy rams, such power that can shred even skirms and paladins, to the point the UU is only countered by onagers and Huskarls, onagers that are soo expensive and slow.

Fair enough, some unit combinations can be very tough to deal with, and raiding is certainly a threat on more open maps.

As a side note, I’ve been surprised recently at how well Teuton Skirmishers perform given their lack of bracer. I always thought the civ died to cav archers, but with full armor upgrades and the same range as CA the Teuton elite skirm does pretty well. It also protects their knights by killing enemy spears, and their infantry by killing enemy archers and hand cannons.

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There is a legitimate argument to be made about Plumes being OP but I was focusing on their role as a counter to infantry, but yeah decrease their speed by .05 and get rid of the extra Pierce armor for elite. I actually love the design of the Chu Ku Nu Instead of countering another unit into Oblivion it addresses its own weakness, It’s essentially an Anti-Anti-Archer-Archer. Where the Rattan Archer has Insane pierce the Chu Ku Nu Holds well against High PA armor targets. While Skirms, Eagles, and Rattans are still a cost-effective counter it is now possible Overpower them with Shear number as opposed to switching to a new units. My only problem it’s magical anti-Ram arrows other than that maybe increase their cost by 5G. And while shooting a bunch of Low powered arrows in rapid succession to counter heavily armored units doesn’t make logical sense, I’m not about to argue in favor of reworking them to counter low armored units at least not seriously.

For Skirms RAR is actually more important than Bracer and also they both deal the same damage to FU CA. Against Spearmen they deal 5 damage instead of 6 but the range is not as big of an issue since they are running towards you still, I consider it heresy to make anything other than TK against spearmen.

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