Valley Map spawned with only sand, AI panicked

Game Version:

  • Build (4597979)
  • Platform (Steam)


So I fired up a standar 1v1 game against a Hardest Difficulty AI. 200 pop limit, random map, Random Civs, basic rules.
We ended up in “Valley”. But there was something wrong all of the map, except for the Valley strip in the center, was unbuildable sand. This meant no trees, and a veery slow progress as the only trees present on the map were the stragglers in the valley.
Now, as a game mode it might even be interesting, forcing to build in the center and playing with very little wood, using the market, but obviously, IF this is meant to be a special game mode, the AI did not know about that. and even after 3 hours of play and me deleting towers and castles, it did not go to chop the remaining trees on the map (probably too far from the TC, even though i brough there one of their units to make sure it scouted them) so it never built a market and never progressed beyond accumulating a ridiculos amount of gold.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Select all the maps in the map pool (not the Random ones) and start a standard 200 pop 1v1 game vs AI (Hardest)

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